Best Ways to Buy Bitcoin with Neosurf 2018

The interest of buying Bitcoin with Neosurf has surged due to the increased interest in Bitcoin as a whole. In this tutorial, we will show you the best options you have when you want to buy Bitcoin with Neosurf. But before getting into the results of our extensive research, we will go through what you should consider when picking exchange as well as the pros and cons of using Neosurf to pay for your Bitcoins.

Let’s jump right into it!

What to consider when picking exchange


The fees associated with using Neosurf as the payment method is higher than for example using bank transfer (ACH or SEPA) as your payment method. The fees vary from exchange to exchange and it is, therefore, something to look out for. You want to end up with the lowest possible fees so that your profit in investing in Bitcoin doesn’t get lost in fees.


Exchanging money, or in this case, Bitcoin can be complicated to understand at first. Remember the first time you tried to pay a bill all by yourself? There will be questions and, in the worst case, some fuckups along the way no matter how easy the platform is to use. Do not worry, if the exchange got good customer support they will help you out with all the ridiculous questions or errors.

We think that good support is a must since it shows that the exchange actually cares for their customers, and not only want to make money off them. All of the exchanges in this list have been proved to offer great customer support.

Ease of use

Ease of use is also a big one if you are a beginner. You don’t want to get into a complicated exchange that is hard to use and deposit money into. We make sure to go through the platform and rate it based on how straight-forward and easy it is to use.

Pros of buying Bitcoin with Neosurf

  • If you have a Neosurf pre-paid card you want to use up, using it on Bitcoin is a smart investment
  • If you want to stay anonymous, paying with Neosurf is a good option since it is not possible to track whose card it is
  • Neosurf is usually preferred by those who don’t want to hand out their bank information online

Cons of buying Bitcoin with Neosurf

  • The fees are a bit higher than for example bank transfer or credit card
  • Not as many options of which exchange to go with

Overall we think that Neosurf is a good way to buy Bitcoins with, however, if you don’t already have a pre-paid Neosurf card, we would strongly advise you to take another route such as credit/debit card, bank transfer or cash deposit.


Best Exchanges that Accept Neosurf Prepaid Card

1. LocalBitcoins

LocalBitcoins is not an exchange per se, it is more of a marketplace that connects bitcoin buyers with bitcoin sellers. On their site, you will find all the sellers and their rating so that you easily can avoid the scammy ones (those are quickly removed from the platform, but since anyone can sign up, they are around!). Make sure to pick a seller with a high overall rating and you will be fine.

The only problem with going to LocalBitcoins to buy Bitcoin with Neosurf is that there might not always be sellers available that are selling Bitcoin for Neosurf cards. LocalBitcoins charges a 1% fee on all transactions, but the seller will also add a small fee for selling it via Neosurf.


2. Bitboat

Bitboat can be used to buy Bitcoin with Neosurf in Europe. Bitboat also sells Bitcoin for cash in UK, Italy, France, Belgium, Cyprus, and Romania, if you are interested in that. They offer a great variety of payment methods, however, their limits are pretty low at only €5,000 per month, no matter what payment method. Their fees for Neosurf are standard, but with other payment methods, they are considered high based on European standards.

We would recommend Bitboat for Neosurf, but for other types of payment methods, we would advise you to pick something else.


3. Paxful

Paxful is, like LocalBitcoins, not an exchange but rather a marketplace. If you didn’t find any luck buying Bitcoin with Neosurf card on LocalBitcoins, then try to see if there are any sellers available on Paxful instead!

Paxful is easy to use and you can see the sellers history and rating before deciding on if they are trustable or not.


4. Coinhouse

Started, and operated, by Ledger, the company behind the market-leading Bitcoin wallet, Coinhouse is a really safe and easy option to buy Bitcoin with Neosurf. Coinhouse has a 17% fee for purchases with Neosurf cards, which is really high, but if you have no other choice of payment method, it is a good option. You need to submit your ID to Coinhouse so you cannot stay anonymous, which defeats one of the purposes of using Neosurf cards to pay with.

Overall an easy and good exchange, but the fees are a bit too high to compete against LocalBitcoins, Bitboat or Paxful for the top spot. We recommend Coinhouse to anyone that doesn’t feel like the options above seem optional.



We hope that you have found our tutorial in finding the best ways to buy BTC with Neosurf cards helpful. Now it is up to you to make the final decision, whatever decision you make out of these 4 options, we are sure you will be satisfied. Good luck!