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On BitCongress.org you will find reviews and guides on everything related to cryptocurrency. Since launching in early 2018 we have had the pleasure to guide tens thousands of readers towards an option that suits them the best, no matter if they are looking for exchanges, wallets, trading, mining equipment or gambling.

We do not accept endorsements in return for higher rankings in our lists, we weigh the trust of our readers more than squeezing every single penny out of them.

Our site is divided up into four main parts:

Bitcoin – Right now Bitcoin is the single biggest cryptocurrency on the market, thus, Bitcoin has its own category that is also divided into mining, wallets, exchanges, trading, and gambling. Right now, most people think cryptocurrency is just a synonym of Bitcoin.

Altcoins – Here you can find alternative coins (all other cryptocurrencies). Here each altcoin got its own category, where you will find everything related to that coin. Right now the altcoins listed are as following: EthereumRipple, Litecoin, and Monero. This category will be expanded heavily in the coming months!

ICOs – While most initial coin offerings fail, we sometimes stumble upon ideas that we think sound good. We provide unbiased and objective overviews/reviews of ICOs. This makes it easy for an interested reader to grab the key points in a few hundred words, without having to read long whitepapers and do thorough research. However, if you are considering investing in an ICO, we don’t think it the research should be solely on our reviews.

News – We think the news sector of cryptocurrencies are way too tough right now for us to enter. We won’t make a ripple on the water with our hobby journalism. However, opening a news-category on our site is something we would like to do later on. Right now our news-category is simply RSS-feeds of our favorite news sources.

We hope this introduction to our site makes it easier to navigate your way through it.

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