Why BitCongress?

Bitcoin – is it a commodity, money or well, just a scam? These were the questions we had in our minds when we came across this term for the first time around 2016. We spent hours on research with the only aim being to de-mystify Bitcoin. There were many resources online which provided a LOT of information. This also meant we didn’t know what to believe and what not to. That’s why BitCongress.org was formed, with the sole purpose of providing credible but specific information about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency in general.

Our team sites down and researches for various platforms, programs, bots etc related to Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. The end goal is to collate the information and then create articles that are specific to the topic. The aim is to provide de-cluttered yet actionable information.

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Affiliate Disclosure: Bitcongress.org may earn commissions when you click on softwares/ platforms recommended in the articles. However, that in no way influences our review and ranking process. It is based on data and only done after extensive research.