XRP Price Prediction: Will Ripple Hit $5 by the End of 2022?

XRP has been in the news for both right and wrong reasons which makes XRP price prediction a difficult task. While the XRP project has seen increasing partnerships and adaption, the SEC ripple case overshadows the positive updates. There is no clear direction emerging in the SEC Ripple case making it very uncertain for future price action of Ripple [Ticker: XRP].

However, it seems like the price of the bitcoin is trying to break the $50,000 barrier. Another thing which has to be considered is that the price of the BTC is not necessarily going to affect the price of XRP. This is because the Ripple platform has its own set of use cases, partnerships and project updates.  

For starters, the coin recently came under the watch of the US Security and Exchange Commission, which concluded that the coin falls under the category of securities. This enabled them to tighten the regulations around the coin. Another thing which people have long objected to is the centralized nature of the coin in comparison to the decentralized currencies that are now available in the market.

XRP Price Prediction 2022: Can XRP hit These levels?

While there some issues with XRP as stated above, it has had its fair share of positive developments through 2018 and even in early 2020. This indicates that XRP is being considered as a potential technology which could shape the financial sector specially when it comes to simplifying of payments.

Possible Partnership With JP Morgan

While there has been a steady growth in partnerships, there have been speculations about J.P Morgan partnering with Ripple, this remains to be speculated as there have been no official statements by either of the companies. However, the rumors came to light as there was an update on the J.P Morgon treasury site. The update said that J.P Morgans was working on a new real-time payment system to provide faster transactions.

On the contrary, J.P Morgon has also launched its own blockchain called ‘Quorum’. While this could be used for their in-house solutions, it is believed that for cross border and inter-bank payment solutions, they may still have to partner with Ripple.

The Launch of Xrapid

This comes soon after the launch of Xrapid by Ripple.  Ripple touts this to be an ultimate banking solution which can reduce liquidity, time and fee issues when it comes to cross border payments.

Cross border payments have been a major issue for most of the banks, and if Xrapid can solve this problem, there is no reason why this could be adopted by most banks. It is to be noted that most products/ technologies offered by Ripple do not mandate the use of XRP. Those products can be used independent of the token, this is set to change with Xrapid.

With Xrapid, Ripple will be used as an intermediary between the two exchanging currencies. The main problem faced by banks is that they need to have a pool of funds in order to facilitate the cross border transactions. This caused a delay in the processing of transactions and also additional costs to the bank which ultimately was passed on to the consumers. Xrapid provides a solution to this problem as XRP could be used as an intermediary to process the transaction and conversions can be made to the local currencies without any delay.

This can be of great significance for XRP because this is the first time that XRP is becoming a vital part of the functioning of a service. As we see an increase in the use of Xrapid, there is a high chance the this may positively affect the price of XRP. This is one of the reasons why many believe that the XRP prediction of $10 in 2020 is achievable.

XRP: A Friend of Banks

While everyone hails the innovation of blockchain technology, many countries and institutions are against the idea of cryptocurrencies due to many reasons. It is a fact that most governments would not subscribe to the idea of decentralization. While in talk they may say that they are all for decentralization of institutions, they are against the idea in principle. The reasons are simple – Governments will lose control over most of the assets and may slowly become irrelevant.

This is where Ripple stands out among other cryptocurrencies, it is not seen as a threat by banks. in fact, hundreds of financial institutions have partnered with Ripple to facilitate financial transactions. Ripple has clearly stated that it doesn’t want to replace the idea of banks, its sole aim to facilitate easier, quicker and robust transactions.

Previous Predictions on XRP

While we access the current developments to predict the future price, it is very important to check on some of the previous predictions made on the XRP price. There have been many predictions given in 2018 regarding the price of XRP, none of them have come true. It is to be noted that 2018 was not a great year for any of the cryptocurrencies.

They faced regulatory hurdles around the world with some countries like India going to the extent of banning cryptocurrencies. There have also been multiple instances of major exchanges being hacked or breached leading to massive loss of funds. All this lead to a negative sentiment around cryptocurrencies and hence the prices kept falling.

SEC Ripple Case and Its Impact on Ripple Price

The recent case on Ripple by SEC has hit the company like a jolt. Ripple’s future completely depends on the outcome of the case. Therefore, the pricing of the token would also depend on the same. It could either go on a bull run if the charges are settled or the value might depreciate future depending on the course of the case.

The SEC Ripple case has seen many twists and turns, it is not possible to predict the outcome of the case. The entire crypto community is closely watching this case as it could make or brake the crypto industry. However, the SEC Ripple case doesn’t seem to have significant impact on the XRP price.

XRP price rallied in line with other alt coins during the recent market up move. In the month of August alone, XRP rallied from $0.75 to a high of $1.32 showing no signs of slowing down. It would be interesting to see how it reacts to future updates on SEC Ripple case proceedings.

Where to Buy Ripple

You can buy Ripple on most of the major crypto-trading platforms like Coinbase and Binance.

CEX.IO_buy rippleWhen it comes to the safe and secure purchase of XRP, CEX.io makes the cut. They have a solid verification system and the exchange platform is user-friendly. The multiple options to buy XRP makes it easy for new users once they are verified. This exchange has great liquidity and is backed by an experienced team.

Their app makes it easy for anyone to get started with the platform and this also means safe storage of tokens. However, if you plan to hold the XRP for the long term, we suggest you store it in a hardware wallet like Ledger.

  • Binance

Binance is another major crypto trading platform alongside Coinbase. You can trade numerous currencies such as bitcoin, Ethereum, Chainlink, 1 inch, Ripple, etc. Bitcoin is trusted by millions of users and is deemed safe to use.

Binance also has both Android and IOS applications for mobiles and both Windows and Mac versions for desktops. You can also use the Binance API to integrate it with your website. If you are just entering the world of crypto trading, Binance Blogs are always a great place to start.

  • Coinbase [Currently Suspended XRP]

Coinbase is perhaps the world’s largest crypto trading platform with the most number of daily active users. You can buy and sell Ripple on Coinbase along with numerous other cryptocurrencies. You can also exchange other cryptocurrencies for Ripple on this platform.

If you like to invest in multiple cryptocurrencies based on the price and several other factors, Coinbase would be the ideal platform for you. You can always cash out the investment and reinvest it in other cryptocurrencies even if one of them is not doing well.


Safely Store Ripple

Buying Ripple is one thing, but you have to store them in the most secure location possible. Since cryptocurrencies can’t recognize the owner, anyone with your access codes may be able to use your Ripple. To avoid this, you must store them in a safe vault.

Ledger is a fantastic security vault to store all your cryptocurrencies. It has both a hardware wallet and a live wallet. The hardware wallet is more secure since only people with physical access to it will be able to retrieve the information.

Ledger hardware wallets come in various sizes with a vast array of features. You can manage bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and many more cryptocurrencies with the Ledger wallet.


Trezor is another big name in the hardware wallet industry. The advantage of having a Trevor wallet is that you only have to protect it physically. It cannot be used as a node to access the internet and is immune to most of the known ransomware attacks.

Trezor supports numerous cryptocurrencies including Ripple, bitcoin, and Ethereum. Unlike Ledger, Trezor only comes in two models. However, both these models are equally competent and are some of the best hardware wallets in the industry.


Will the XRP Prediction for 2022 come True?

When it comes to price predictions, two factors become very important. One being the performance of the company, in this case, it is Ripple and second, being the overall market sentiment. While Ripple is making all the right notes as explained above, the overall crypto market still doesn’t seem to be picking up. However, the CEO of Ripple, Garlinghouse, predicts 2021 to be a good year for cryptocurrency and blockchain.

He didn’t give a price prediction for bitcoin stating that it would be very difficult to do so. However, he feels that with increasing transparency in crypto related projects and many countries framing regulations to deal with the mass adaption of cryptocurrencies, 2021 will be a good year for all the major cryptocurrencies including XRP. However, the sudden case by SEC on Ripple makes all ripple price predictions unreliable.

We at Bitcongress would refrain from predicting an exact price for XRP. However, going by the fundamentals, XRP seems to be in a good spot. With the numerous partnerships and adoption by banks, it has made great progress over the years. Ripple has not stopped innovating and are constantly innovating new products, which is again a great sign. Considering these factors, XRP seems to be a good investment if the SEC case concludes on a positive note.

While we would love XRP to reach $5 by the end of 2021, let’s see if it manages climb that steep mountain.

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