Cool Cousin ICO review

We all plan a holiday trip at least once in a year. For the trip to be a memorable one, it has to be planned well. You may have to research online looking for places to visit, food to eat and a room to stay in. However, there is always a possibility for the opinions shared online to be fake.

Companies use marketing strategies to get fake reviews on many of the review websites. Wouldn’t it be better if you knew someone who is from the place you are visiting? This is where the concept of Cool Cousin comes in. A ‘Cool Cousin’ is someone who is willing to give all the information about the place he or she lives in. This allows you to have someone with you who would be having the best of information about the place, more like a travel agent.


Cool Cousin is a VC-backed travel agency that makes the use of blockchain based smart contracts for direct exchange of valuable information and services between the travelers and the locals around the world. The main aim is to provide the travelers a fantastic travel experience.

This concept allows you to have a friend in every city around the world. Cool Cousin connects the travelers with cousins (like-minded people) who can provide valuable information to the travelers.

Cool Cousin supports apps for both Android and the IOS devices using which the travelers can find the cousins in the destination location. The apps let you set certain criteria for the cousins from whom you would like to seek information from, such as age, sex, and interests. This ensures that you find like-minded cousins at the destination.

CUZ tokens

Why would more and more locals sign-up to be cousins on the app? Cousins are paid in CUZ tokens for their valuable and unbiased information. CUZ tokens are an in-app, open source, ERC20 tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain used to pay the cousins for the information they provide.

An Ethereum based smart contract ensures that the cousins are paid the right amount of CUZ tokens for the information that they shared.


  • Travelers do not have to worry about the wrong, misleading reviews online as they have got locals at the destination to advise them.
  • You get to meet new people and interact with them.
  • The convenience of having a mobile application makes it easy to access even on the go.
  • The price you pay the cousins are relatively cheaper than what you would have to pay if you hired a travel guide.
  • The companies interests are isolated and hence there is no wrong information fed to the user.
  • The use of Ethereum based smart contract not only lowers the fee as there is no middle man but also ensures that the information is accurately shared.


Cool Cousin is a platform that aims at using cutting-edge blockchain technology to revolutionize the current travel agency services. They already have IOS and web apps with which travelers can find cousins at their destination. The travelers can then request and pay for information they get from the cousins, through the app.

They already have over 500,000 thousand downloads on the app store and in order to further expand their reach, they are now launching an ICO. Cool Cousin has the potential do what Airbnb did to the hotel industry. They also have the CUZ tokens to pay the cousins and also fulfill their goal of creating a better travel experience for all.