8 Verified Methods to Earn Free Bitcoins 2022

You might have heard of shopping and referral rewards, wherein popular e-commerce websites give gift cards and discounts for referring your acquaintances to the site. Just like that, you can also earn bitcoins in rewards.

Sounds exciting, right? I got equally excited too when I learned that some businesses offer bitcoin rewards for using their browser or playing their games. How cool is that!

If you’re still wondering whether you can earn bitcoins for free, the answer is yes!

In this article, I want to introduce you to several methods that can help you earn free Bitcoin. Although these methods can be an excellent source of passive income, trading remains the most preferred way to make significant profits.

I have compiled a list of methods, how much free Bitcoin they offer, and what you can do to sign up for your share of free bitcoin. This article is specifically for fellow Bitcoin investors. If you’re looking for ways to earn crypto rewards, I’ll cover that soon.

Let’s dig in.

8 Best Ways to Earn Free BTC in 2022

1. Earn with Bitcoin Lending

How about for a start, I tell you that there are sites that pay you interest for holding or HODLing your coins?. Yes, Bitcoin storing and lending sites are real. I could find two genuine platforms where you can earn BTC through lending – Celsius and Blockfi.

Both these platforms connect you to borrowers to whom you can lend your Bitcoins for fixed interest. Blockfi also claims that you can earn interest of about 9 % APY in the form of Bitcoins when you lend on their platform.

In addition to Bitcoins, you can also earn cryptos for free. The process to earn is pretty easy in both the apps, you just have to send bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies to their platform and then you will start earning interest. The interest depends on the cryptocurrency and keeps varying. You can even lend stable coins like USDT and USDC to earn rewards.

I have tested Celsius and the experience has been really smooth so far, Ensure you make use of all the account safety measures like 2FA, HODL mode, and whitelist address to safeguard your funds.

2. Sign-Up Rewards

Several cryptocurrency platforms give you free bitcoins for signing up on their platform. For instance, Coinbase incentivizes eligible US citizens with $5 of free Bitcoin for verifying their IDs. Simple as that.

Of all the platforms that I explored, Unifimoney probably runs the biggest joining reward system. Just look at the screenshot from their website. Unifimoney claims that users are eligible for rewards up to $5,000 when they sign up.

Their website shows the reward structure as follows:

The catch here is you need to deposit a specific minimum amount and hold that amount for a pre-defined period to earn your reward. If you’re a high-volume trader willing to shift platforms to earn free crypto, unifimoney can be an option.

You can also register for your Blockfi interest account and receive up to $250 in Bitcoin when you deposit a qualifying amount.

3. Bitcoin Referral Programs

Remember how certain apps give you bonuses for getting your friends to use their services? Bitcoin exchange platforms do the same. When you refer your friend to an exchange platform, both of you get free bitcoin, discounts, or a fiat currency bonus.

Even trusted crypto exchanges like Binance and Coinbase both have their unique referral programs.

When you refer your friends to Coinbase, and they complete their first transaction of $100, both of you’ll receive $10 in your bank account. You can then convert the fiat money into Bitcoin in a matter of seconds on the platform.

Binance’s referral program offers you a commission of up to 40 % when you invite your friends, depending upon the investment amount in BNB. You can then choose to split the 40 between you and your friend or take the entire bonus for yourself. The website shows their referral rates as follows:

4. Earn with Bitcoin Faucets

As their name implies, a ‘free Bitcoin faucet’ is a free-flowing source of Bitcoins. A Bitcoin faucet may reward users for playing games, filling surveys, or performing tasks. I went through three such Bitcoin Faucets.

First up was CryptoTab Browser. The web browser has an in-built software that lets you mine Bitcoin while playing videos, surfing the internet, or chatting on Facebook. Before you get into it, please understand that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

CryptoTab’s software continuously mines Monero (XMR) and converts it into BTC, according to current rates. While it might seem that you’re earning free BTC, you’re spending immense CPU and burning your processor to make a tiny fraction of free Bitcoin. Although the website looks pretty legit, I recommend you research and start crypto mining independently to earn more Bitcoins for your efforts.

Another Bitcoin faucet is Cointiply. It’s a Bitcoin rewards website that helps you earn Bitcoins for tasks. The website claims they have paid users over $3million in free BTC for taking surveys, quizzes, and other response-based assignments tailored to your location and other preferences.

While using the platform, I observed that it’s pretty tricky to seek tasks continuously according to your age and location. Although it’s a completely free website, and there’s no harm trying, the limited surveys can be a deterrent.

Please note that a bitcoin faucet gives you meager amounts of free bitcoins. Hence, the term ‘leaking faucet’ is more apt for these websites as they provide a tiny drop for free bitcoin after you spend extensive time and effort.

5. Coinbase Earn

Coinbase’s Earn program is one of the legitimate ways to earn Bitcoins. You can enroll in any of their educational courses on altcoins, various token protocols, etc., and start earning Bitcoin as you complete the course.

First, you’ll need to sign-up for a Coinbase account. Watch their videos, take quizzes, and complete their course. Coinbase will then deposit a small amount of crypto like Stellar Lumens (XLM) in your crypto wallet. You can keep using them or quickly convert them into BTC or Ethereum as per your needs.

6. Crypto Affiliate Programs

You can become an affiliate marketer to start a steady stream of passive income. What does affiliate marketing in the crypto world mean?

If you’re an active social media user or part of large communities, exchanges like Binance offer you a 40% commission rate for inviting audiences to register and use their platform. Affiliate marketers need to build their blogs, social media presence and boost their links so that more people use their links.

I visited Binance to check their affiliate program and learned that it’s an excellent opportunity. Binance mentions the following payout structure on their FAQs page:

To become a Binance affiliate, you can start with filling their form. The team will then evaluate your application and generate a unique referral link for you, which you can publicize to earn Bitcoin. However, you must have a social media account with at least 5000 followers, a community of more than 500 members, or own a business with 2000 users.

Similarly, there are many other bitcoin affiliate programs that allow you to earn free bitcoins. Ensure you thoroughly research the platform before promoting them.

7. Shopping Rewards

I also discovered several legit web extensions and apps that give you cashback in the form of free bitcoins or bitcoin equivalent altcoins when you shop online. You don’t even need to shop with crypto. Simply use your own money, debit card, or card to shop as you’d normally do, and you’ll receive rewards in free BTC or cash.

The most promising website is Lolli. It’s technically a browser extension that tracks your shopping and rewards you for shopping online. Amazing, isn’t it?

You can choose from over 1,000 merchants and your favorite brands to earn up to 30 percent of your shopping amount in Bitcoin. There’s no catch here. Merchants pay Lolli to bring more clients, and Lolli pays you back in cash or free BTC in your Lolli wallet.

Start with creating your Lolli account, download the browser extension, and start receiving rewards in your digital wallet. If you’re a mobile user, you can also download their app to shop.

Another exciting app is Pei. Whenever you make any purchase using your debit or credit card, you get free bitcoin. You don’t need to shop on specific sites or purchase at select merchants. Just link your card with Pei, and you can get credit-card-style cashback in the form of free cryptocurrency in your wallet address.

8. Cryptocurrency Cards

A crypto card is just like any other credit card. However, when you shop using your cryptocurrency debit or credit card, you earn Bitcoin instead of cash. There are two fantastic crypto cards you can choose. The first is the Blockfi card, and the second is the VISA upgrade card.

A Blockfi Credit Card, for instance, gives you a flat 1.5% return on every purchase. You can initially earn up to 3.5% Bitcoin back within your first 90 days of account opening.

Similarly, the Upgrade Credit Card helps you earn free BTC whenever you make payments across the VISA network. Similar to Blockfi, you’ll receive 1.5% of the amount you spend.

However, be it crypto credit or any other credit card, for matter, you’ll receive true value only when you avoid their high interest rates. If you’re carrying a debt balance every month, your interest amount may shoot up more than the free BTC that you earn.

The Verdict

When we talk about methods to earn free Bitcoin, it’s evident that no one’s distributing free BTC for charity, especially with Bitcoin prices soaring over $60,000 since October 2022. Although you can earn Bitcoins for free, these are very small in number and often require you to do something in return.

Several websites claim that you can play games or perform other tasks to earn free BTC. However, often the efforts and rewards are not proportionate. I would suggest users to take up jobs that pay in Bitcoin or learn crypto mining as better sources for earning bitcoin.

If you’re looking for ways to earn free bitcoins, you can also invest some time in learning crypto trading and multiply your money through smart investments.

FAQs on Earn Free Bitcoins

Can I earn free Bitcoins?

Yes, you can free Bitcoins using legit ways. Signing up on exchange platforms can give you free bonuses. Alternatively, you can also use affiliate links and referral programs to earn free Bitcoins for every person you refer to the platform. Some online shopping extensions like Lolli and crypto credit cards give you cashback for using your card or shopping online.

Several websites also offer you to complete surveys, tasks, and games in exchange for free Bitcoin. However, the returns are pretty marginal compared to the efforts.

How to get free Bitcoins instantly online?

The only way to ‘instantly’ get free Bitcoins is using browsers extension and survey-based websites. However, even these methods pay you only after completing the specified tasks or spending considerable time on their website.

Can I Mine Free Bitcoin?

Mining is one of the most legitimate methods of earning Bitcoin. You can use a software or hardware-based interface to verify the ledgers in the blockchain and earn free Bitcoin in return. Besides a powerful processor and hardware, mining requires thorough expertise and understanding of cryptocurrency. Bitcoins are also reducing in number; therefore, mining them is becoming increasingly difficult.

How can I get free bitcoins daily?

The only legit way to earn free bitcoin daily is by creating an affiliate link for exchange platforms and publicizing it on various platforms. You can then earn Bitcoin for every person who joins the exchange through your referral link. However, most of these awards are specifically for getting new users who do not have an existing account.

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