Hashing24 Review

If you are a fan of cryptocurrencies, we don’t blame you at all. After all, who is not these days? With their phenomenal rise to stardom and unbelievable return rates, there are very few people left in the world who actually believe that they are not something you should invest in. They have conquered almost every other region on the world map, all the way from the west to the east. While it all started with the creation of the Bitcoin, today they have expanded so much that we have more than a dozen types of cryptocurrencies, and all of them are unique in their own way. We have Litecoins, Dash, Zcash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and so many more. And all of them are currently calling for investments, and the world isn’t shying away at all. The investment sector is at an all-time high. Even those who have never made any investment in their life before, are currently lining up to put their money in one of these currencies. The best part is that nobody walks away disappointed since most of the times you end up getting great returns on your investments.

Furthermore, there is no end to the number of opportunities the cryptocurrency niche has opened up. There is so much you can do and so much to explore. For starters, apart from investments, there is a great new avenue opening that is proving to be just as effective and profitable as cryptocurrency investments. We are talking about cryptocurrency mining. Regardless of whether you have heard of it or not, cryptocurrency mining is one of the hottest areas of profitable businesses right now. It has got everything a profit-minded businessman could ask for. It doesn’t ask for any upfront investments, comes with a lot of options, has the potential to become a really profitable venture if done correctly and best of all, requires no technical expertise.  Anyone with a basic level of know-how on computers and software could do it. You don’t even need any sort of a professional degree, simply a firm level of dedication and the willingness to work.

Today, in this article, we present to you a comprehensive and detailed review of Hashing24, a cloud mining company that lets its users carry out cryptocurrency mining from a remote location through the cloud. We attempt to inform you of the pros and cons of the service, and even incorporate our personal suggestions on why or why not must you take up the services of this company.

Hashing24 Review

There is not much to be said for cloud mining companies, simply because there are not many of them in existence at the moment. The few that are there aren’t really up to the mark when it comes to giving out decent services to their customers and ensuring quality in their ventures. However, Hashing24 along with Genesis Mining is one such company which is truly bankable and is much different in comparison. The makers behind Hashing24 are dedicated and hardworking and strive to provide the customer with the best service they could possibly give.

Partnership with BitFury

BitFury is actually one of the premiers and leading full-service blockchain technology companies of today. They have done some pretty commendable work in the field of cryptocurrencies and their website is considered pretty accurate when it comes to gathering information. Now, Hashing24 is actually listed among the partners on BitFury’s main website. This automatically validates the sheer good work that Hashing24 is capable of doing and easily gives it a great amount of leverage over its other closest competitors.

To list a few more of Bitfury’s achievements, it was actually featured as a part of the Blockchain Alliance, which is a pretty great law enforcement agency revolving around blockchain investigations. Also, they have in the past received venture capital backing from some pretty big names in the industry.

Hashing24: Finer Details

Hashing24 happens to be pretty transparent as a company in the sense that they have actually listed their office addresses publicly on their website. While two of their offices happen to be in Thailand and Ukraine, the third one is actually in Scotland.

Cloud Mining Plans

You can’t just randomly get up and decide that you want to get into cloud mining. For that to happen, you must first keep in mind a lot of things and go over certain decisions multiple times. For example, you must choose your cloud cryptocurrency mining platform really carefully, for if you don’t, you may end up getting the wrong service and facing a lot of unnecessary troubles. Also, you don’t want to pay any extra than you absolutely have to, which is why you must always go through all of the payment plans on display carefully and then make an informed decision depending on what the kind of service that you are looking for is.

The great thing about Hashing24 is that they let you set a custom plan for yourself. What this means is that you can choose the number of resources you want, what services you want and what will be duration for which you will want these services to be active. Once you have gone ahead and made all of these choices, you get to take a look at the final cost that you need to bear. If that seems reasonable enough to you, then all you need to do now is to make the payment and start mining away from miles away.

One major drawback with cryptocurrency mining happens to be the fact that you often receive old coins for your mining efforts, when in reality since the coins are freshly mined, they should be completely fresh and newly minted. This is simply a case of cheating on the part of some cryptocurrency mining platforms, and it is best to save yourself from such shady services. However, if you are using Hashing24, you easily get past this problem since they are known to always issue freshly minted coins to their customers. Across a variety of reviews floating all around the internet, you can never find any negative comments on the coins issued by Hashing24, which in itself is a testimony to the great service provided by the platform.

As an additional note, if you are feeling doubtful about the coins you have received and feel the need to validate their authenticity and freshness, you can always use the block explorer which is a device which verifies whether or not your coins are newly minted.

Possible Innovations

Now that we have given you a general idea of what Hashing24 is like and also given you some in-depth details on the services offered currently by the platform, it is time to actually put our minds to it and come up with some brilliant suggestions for the Hashing24 platform to improve its services with and dish out even more groundbreaking work for the customers.

Firstly, it could be highly beneficial for the company to accept help from the users themselves, which means that they could possibly let their users signal for some particular features that they would definitely like to be incorporated into the platform.

Secondly, since the Bitcoin UASF is imminent, a great many numbers of users are actually interested in buying hash power for themselves such that their side of the split can be supported. This great feature is currently not in use by any of the cryptocurrency cloud mining platforms, which all the more increases its importance and makes it critical for Hashing24 to implement.  


We have earlier stated that cryptocurrency mining is not an all-out profitable business. Initially, you even stumble onto a great many numbers of losses without even striking a profit once. But if you manage to not get discouraged by all of that, then Hashing24 is a perfectly viable platform for you to carry out cloud mining for cryptocurrencies. It is fast and secure and scores high on user experience. They own actual mining hardware and carry out actual mining for you in sharp contrast to some other fake companies out there which exist for the sole purpose of giving you fake payouts and gathering sensitive information or resources in the process.

Cryptocurrency Mining: Unfeasibility

And yet, those who do manage to get into mining have seldom been seen complaining of the low profitability of the venture. While it is true that some people are earning big through it, another cold fact is that such cases are extremely rare and most cases of cryptocurrency mining businesses end in losses and discontentment. The reasons behind this are numerous. First of all, a lot of people don’t even get to choose the correct miner for themselves, due to the lack of awareness on the subject, and as a result, their mining fails business sweeps down before even taking off. Since there are so many great mining rigs available in the market right now, it becomes pretty difficult for the average person to make an informed decision on the quality of the rig. Hence, they end up bringing home the wrong model, which leads to further complications. Furthermore, another plausible reason behind the low success rate of cryptocurrency mining is the fact that these rigs tend to take up a lot of energy. This further complicates matter since the profitability of mining rigs is anyway quite low. When you factor in the added costs from the aggravated energy bills and electricity charges, the profitability factor goes further down. All of this then leads to severe losses on the part of the person engaged in mining, further pushing them to abandon the venture altogether. If there is another reason that you are looking for, then a plausible concern for miners could be the fact that mining rigs don’t really come cheap but start from anywhere between $2000-$3000.

Now even though mining comes with complications listed above, it does present an interesting prospect. If you are brave enough to survive all the increased energy costs that are going to come with it, there is not much that you need to spend in order to start mining. And as soon as do manage to get the hang of it, your mining rig is bound to make some decent profits.

Cloud Mining: An Introduction

However, there is also this other slightly new form of cryptocurrency mining that a lot of our readers might not be familiar with. It actually solves a pretty significant problem due to which people often shy away from buying a mining rig. The problem we are talking about is that of managing, handling and maintaining the complicated machinery that a cryptocurrency miner happens to be. With such an elaborate piece of hardware, also come certain responsibilities. First of all, you must know how to use it properly. Secondly, you must have a good resting space for the machine, for you can’t just put it in any corner of the house. Mining rigs tend to actually a good amount of noise, which is why it is not advisable to keep them anywhere near your bedrooms or living rooms. However, with this new form of mining, you won’t ever have to worry about all of that, for it completely eliminates the prospect of even handling a machine. The kind of mining we are referring to is called cloud mining. Now cloud mining is nothing but the process of mining for cryptocurrencies but through the use of a remote data center with shared processing power. What this means is that you can easily and conveniently sit at a remote location while a mining rig which is miles away from you could do your job, and all you have to do to control it is push a few buttons on your computer system. Thus, it completely eliminates the need to manage any sort of hardware. To anyone who has ever indulged in cryptocurrency mining of the regular kind, this must seem like quite a deal.