Avalon6 Review

Since the civilization of men took hold on this earth, if there is one thing that mankind has constantly been interested in, it is the act of earning profits for themselves. Ultimately, it always comes down to earning huge profits and expanding your resources. And this very quest for more resources has often led us to a number of activities and trades which may or may not yield desirable results at all times. While it began with the simple harvesting of crops from the earth, it later went on to include more useful, employable and rarer metals which were procured from the surface of the earth and later sold with a good margin for profit. This further gave rise to the mining industry. Since the ancient times, man has longed for minerals beyond their reach and hidden deep within the surface. And to get to them, we have established some pretty heavyweight industries which allow us to easily bore down into the surface and dig up whatever riches and rarities the earth might have in store for us.

Gold, silver, diamonds and many other precious metals are all procured in a similar manner. But what if we were to tell you there is another, a different form of mining that doesn’t require you to physically drill down into the earth to gain profits in the form of rare metals? What if there was a form of mining that could be carried out from your very homes, without even getting up from that chair? Actually, with the advent of the technological age, such a thing has already been made possible, and it exists in the form of cryptocurrency mining. Cryptocurrency mining has been further made possible through the use of miners, such as the Avalon6, which forms the crux of this article.

The Avalon6 Review: A Honest Insight

The biggest talking point of the Avalon6 happens to be the fact that it is touted as the second most efficient miner to have ever been launched. Some say it is one of the quietest miners in the market as well, giving it a pretty big edge over a lot of its competition. This is because, among the many desirable characteristics that one looks for in a miner, low sound emission happens to rank pretty high up the list. Combine that with the efficiency that the Avalon6 is capable of delivering, and we have got ourselves a definite winner.

However, wherever there are pros, there must be cons as well. As for the Avalon6, fortunately, they are pretty few. Firstly, some people have argued that the Avalon6 delivers significantly lesser hash rate than the Antminer S7 or Antminer S9 even though it falls roughly in the same price bracket. Secondly, even though Avalon6 is pretty efficient in itself, it does fall short of meeting the standards set by the Antminer S7.

Now that we’ve given you an insight, it is time to delve deeper and look at each of its specifications in detail.

The Avalon6 is a pretty impressive device if you think about it. Being the second most efficient miner in the market is no mean feat, but this rig has managed to do that and much more. It contains as much as 80 18 nm chips of the A3218 variety and runs at a pretty comfortable 500 MHz which allows it to deliver a hash rate as high as 3.5 TH/s. Now although this is not as high as the Antminer S7, it does come pretty close to it and is high enough to make Avalon6 a great choice for experienced miners.


Power Supply

A good power supply happens to be the backbone of any electrical or electronic device. Give it too less of a power and it definitely won’t perform as per your desired outputs, while too much power too can often lead to short circuits or broken fuses. This is why you need to take utmost care when shopping for a power supply unit for your mining rig. Make sure it comes with the correct specifications and is stable enough to handle the power requirements put forth by your miner.

The Avalon6 performs well with any decent made power supply with power ratings of 1100 Watt or more. If you are currently using a platinum-rated PSU, then rest assured for the Avalon6 will work perfectly with it whilst drawing roughly around 1050 Watts.


The Bitcoin sure is risky business since it tends to halve in value every few years, but even if you take that into account, along with the fact that Bitcoin prices tend to fluctuate pretty rapidly and uncontrollably, the Avalon still got enough juice left in it to bring you to a profit. While it does face stiff competition from the recently released Antminer S9, with a hash rate of a whopping 14 TH/s, Avalon6 still manages to hold its own in the profitability department.


If you choose to buy the unit from Canaan, you will get it for as much as $550. However, if you plan to buy the unit in bulk then you’re in much luck, for you stand to gain a discount of $100 if you are buying 10 units at once and a discount of $130 if you are buying a total of 50 units at once.

As per shipping, the unit weighs around 5 kg or 11 lb. Used models of the same, however, are available easily on Amazon with a price tag of $450.


If you stand at a distance of 1.2 m or 4 ft from a functioning Avalon6, you will get to experience roughly about 55 dB of noise. Now while this happens to be quiet enough for residential use, we would not exactly recommend keeping it in your bedroom or the living room. Another way to further enhance the unit by reducing the sound emitted is through underclocking.


The basic requirement for setting up the Avalon6 is an either a Raspberry Pi system or the TP-Link TL-WR703N functioning as the controller. As many as 50 miners can be controlled and run using a single RPi. The Avalon6 utilizes the DHCP, such that it is able to automatically able to look for IP addresses. This greatly simplifies the installation process, adding another feather in the Avalon6’s cap.


Finally, the temperature is another big factor when it comes to choosing a suitable Bitcoin miner for yourself. You cannot buy a decent electronic equipment without going over its heat specifications. Even the gadgets as trivial as the smartphones we own tend to heat up when left connected to a power supply for far too long. Unfortunately, miners suffer from a similar problem. Since these devices are meant to carry out some pretty heavyweight work, they often tend to experience a rise in their body temperatures which further leads to an increase in fan speed to oppose all the heating going on. This further leads to an increase in the noise levels generated.

As per the Avalon6, it comes with frequency control, which means the user gets the flexibility to actually control the frequency at which the rig runs. The standard frequency for the Avalon6 happens to be 500 MHz, and it functions pretty much coolly even when overclocked.

The ambient temperature specified for optimal operation of the Avalon6 is below 35 degrees Celsius or 95 degrees Fahrenheit, and due to an intelligent design provided by the makers, the single fan of the unit faces absolutely no difficulty in maintaining an ambient temperature for the system.


For anyone looking for a decent, non-noisy, efficient but at the same time powerful Bitcoin miner, the Avalon6 provides a good answer. Although it is rivaled in a lot of departments by the Antminer S7, with the power customizations it boasts of and other handy features, the Avalon6 does manage to make way for its own legion of dedicated customers.

When the Bitcoin was first launched, not everyone was ready to believe in it. While some deemed it the currency of the future, others, the more skeptic ones, believed it to be just a fad which would wash away from people’s memories with time. As it turns out, these people turned out to be massively wrong. After a few relatively dormant years, the Bitcoin made a smashing return when its exchanged prices literally tore through the roofs and made headlines the world over. Several big multinational companies and their CEOs came forward to laud the currency and started recognizing it in all of their services and products. Some of them even went on to say that the Bitcoin will soon become the one central currency that the world deals in.

Today, investments in Bitcoin are higher than ever before. Not wanting to be left behind in this frenzied race, people the world over are rapidly investing money in the Bitcoin and eagerly waiting for their investments to turn fruitful. But once you get past this initial race for investments, you realize that cryptocurrencies are in fact much more than just the Bitcoin or investments. They are in fact, a grand niche with humongous opportunities and a pretty large number of profitable channels which could be harnessed to gather huge sums of profits and resources for oneself. One of these happens to be crypto mining, which is the act of digging through the blockchain to mine for cryptocurrencies and also solve complex computational algorithms and problems in the process.

Miners often tend to partake in mining pools, which are nothing but a group of miners coming together to pool their resources and mine collectively to achieve better results. As detailed earlier, as a part of the mining process, you need to solve problems and verify transactions on the blockchain. In return, you get to gain your own share of the reward, which is typically a few crypto coins shared among the entire pool of miners.

Now since solving algorithms is not something you would be explicitly trained for or equipped with, the market is full of amazing miner models who promise to do the job for you. These machines come in various sizes and shapes, are marketed by different brands and even come with the provision to mine for more than one type of cryptocurrency. While some miners are built exclusively for Bitcoins, others are made to mine Litecoins or Dash. Similarly, you get a range of other miners for whatever form of cryptocurrency you are interested in. There are however a few considerations to keep in mind before you step out to buy a miner. Firstly, there is the matter of the aggravated energy bills. Mining rigs tend to use up a lot of electricity to function smoothly. In a typical residential setting, this could mean a severe and long spike in your energy bills, leading to decreased profitability of the miner itself. If you are anyway suffering from excessively high energy bills and can’t possibly afford to pay more for them, then perhaps mining is not the business for you.

Secondly, if you plan to run your miner at your home, and if your house is where you will be carrying out all your mining operations from, then perhaps it would be best if you choose a relatively isolated room which is in a way separated from the rest of the house. That way, any noise the mining rig generates won’t cause much of a ruckus for the other residents of the house. Mining rigs are notorious for being loud and noisy in their operations. Since it is a machine which does a lot of heavy work, it tends to heat up pretty fast. To dispel all of that extra heat, fans are often built into the side of the machine, which spins at high speeds at all times and works for the sole purpose of keeping the machine cool. These fans, as a result, generate a lot of heavy noise, which further leads to uncomfortable usage of the rig.

If you are brave enough to experience the above and believe they aren’t enough to shake your motivation towards mining, then go ahead and jump into the game, for unlike a great many things in life, the Bitcoin probably isn’t going to last forever.