Review 2018

For all those of you who are pretty active when it comes to sports and cryptocurrencies at the same time, there is some great news you must know. Sports have been a big part of all of our lives. It doesn’t matter whether we are active in one or more sports or not, but nevertheless, almost all of us have been a fan of watching sports at some point in our lives. The passion, the aggression and desire to win, all of these qualities make sport-watching a binge-worthy activity on our leisure days.

But for some of us, simply watching the sport is never enough. They need to be a bigger part of all the action, and deeply immerse themselves in all the competition, something that we are going to explore in this Review. And for that very purpose, we have something called sportsbooks, which are websites on the internet which allow a user to place wagers on their favorite team. The best part is that you have total control over the amount you want to bet for. This means that if you happen to play intelligently and safely at the same time, you get to minimize your losses if you lose, but also gain some great returns if you happen to win.

However, all said and done, there can be never a one hundred percent certainty of your win, which is why you must always proceed with a certain degree of caution. Furthermore, these wagers can be placed on any sport of your choice. Simply log on to any of these sportsbook websites and create an account. You will then get a list of all the sports that the website deals in, and you can choose whichever one appeals the most to you. Then, simply choose the match you want to bet on, choose your team and your investment, and you are good to go.

While almost all of them are equally good, today we will focus on a sportsbook which has especially caught our eyes and promises to deliver great quality when it comes to sports gambling and wagers. A Review

We are talking about, which claims to be a revolution in the field of racebooks or sportsbooks, especially those which work using cryptocurrencies like the Bitcoin. By giving away a live betting experience, this unique platform promises to make betting and gambling as fun as possible for its users. The best feature about this service, as advertised by the platform itself, is their Live In-Play Betting service. What this means is that you get to bet on the outcome of a match while the match is actually going on live. Thus, you get to actually predict your output based on what you actually see happening in the match in real time. This in itself is a pretty great feature and should be enough to convince you that is the place to be. But is that is not enough, there are more great features coming your way. For example, the makers of Directbet have recently announced that they accept bets not just in Bitcoins, but also in Litecoins and Dogecoins. This move is about to increase their audience significantly, thus giving the average user more competition and players to bet against.

Now the real authenticity of a sportsbook or gambling website is measured by the number and kinds of sports it is willing to include in its brochure, which means more the number of sports, more efficient and good quality the service will be. Luckily for, they do happen to offer a wide range of sports to bet on. In addition to conventional sports, Directbet lets you bet on even racing activities and competitive racing like horse racing. Other than that, you have the usual soccer, American Football, tennis, Golf, Baseball, Snooker, Cricket, Ice Hockey, Rugby, Boxing, Darts, Mixed Martial Arts, Motor Sports, Australian Football and many more. But the list does not end here, for the platform also features some special betting fronts like the Oscars 2014, Poker and Eurovision 2014.

We now take some time to go through each and every aspect of the website carefully and aim to highlight the major features and functionalities that you can find on this great platform and that are worth your attention. We start with some of the games they offer, and further move on to the bonuses, promotions and offers the website features.

All-In Poker Flips

To those of you to whom the name sounds unfamiliar, All-In Poker Flips is actually a really popular version of poker that is based on the extremely well known Texas Hold ‘Em Poker variation of the game. However, this particular version on DirectBet has been designed while keeping in mind that Bitcoins are to be the focus of the game. This is precisely the reason why it is based on the block-chain. Another point worth mentioning here is that the game runs on the provably fair technology, which means there can be absolutely no kind of malpractice allowed in the game and you be sure that you are not being cheated on.

The provably fair aspect of the game facilitates immediate verification, while other great features include betting with multiple cryptocurrencies including Dogecoins, Litecoins and of course Bitcoins. You get to participate and become a part of the action is not one but multiple methods such as horseracing bets, sports bets or dice rolls.

Finally, the greatest aspect of the game is that it requires no registration. All you need to do is simply log on to the website and start playing the game. As a result, the game also allows for anonymous play, that is, you don’t even have to specify any of your personal details to start playing. All of your personal information remains safe with you and all that the website asks of you is a username to identify yourself with.

Direct Dice

This is another betting game that is based on provably fair, that is no cheating, and lets you earn the cryptocurrency of your choice by virtue of betting on the roll of a die. Direct Dice, similar to All In Poker Flips is also based on the blockchain since it works with Bitcoins, and even extends support to other cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoins and Litecoins.

Now one aspect of such betting platforms that often troubles bettors or gamblers is the house edge. More often than not, these websites end up charging exorbitant amounts as house edge which basically nullifies the point of winning at any of these games. House edge is one aspect of betting platforms that diminishes the joy of winning and often makes the gamblers shell out more money than they gain. Fortunately, this problem has been effectively tackled by DirectBet in the sense that as per their rules, frequent bettors are charged zero house edge.  Other great features of the service include a pretty big jackpot prize, a whopping 10 BTC, provably fair verifications, horse racing and sports bets and also the fact that the registrations are anonymous. Finally, there is the fact that you do not need an account to play and that the payouts and pretty much instant in nature.

DirectBet Bonuses

In addition to the bonuses we have mentioned above, the platform also boasts of a VIP rewards program which is sort of a membership club for exclusive and experienced members of the website. While only a select few can become a part of the VIP rewards program at a time, we can assure you that the rewards offered are certainly worth the wait. This rewards program gives bettors the opportunity to actually earn as much as 10 BTC every month. Finally, the website also holds sports betting contests on almost a regular basis, which can again become a great source of revenue if you happen to take them seriously.

No Accounts & No Deposits

If you are constantly worried about the safety of your funds and are of those people who do not consider online banking safe, then you are going to love DirectBet. This is because the website will never ask for a user to make a deposit, that is, you are no longer required or expected to submit your precious Bitcoins over to a third party website. Rather, they remain safely in your possession.  All you need to do in order to place your bets is sending them over to some designated address such as a cryptocurrency wallet and whenever you win or stand to gain some coins, they will directly be sent over to your specified wallet.

Instant Payouts

If you are an avid gambler, chances are that one of the aspects dearest to you while looking for a suitable gambling website is that of fast payouts. After all, gambling in itself is a fast-paced business. If you can’t think on your feet and make investment and betting decisions on the spur of the payment, chances are you won’t be making it that big as a gambler. However, there is another aspect to this issue. What is the point of being able to think fast if you are not even able to convert your thought processes into actions? And to do that, you need constant access to your funds such that you can decide where to invest them next and what wagers to place, whenever you need to. And for that, you need fast payments and payouts. Fortunately, DirectBet does just that. Whenever you place a bet on the platform, it takes no more than a few minutes after the completion of the concerned event to calculate your winnings or losses and credit your account accordingly. There is absolutely no waiting involved.

Completely Anonymous

The no questions asked properties associated with the Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are what propelled them to such heights in the first place. Naturally, when websites tend to follow similar trends, they are always appreciated and placed above the ones that don’t. As for DirectBet, the website is completely anonymous and never asks for any personal information, no matter what the circumstances. In fact, even giving away your email ID is an option that is given to you.

No Limits

Certain websites tend to place limits on the amount of money or coins you can deposit, or place bets with. This especially happens if you are one of the big winners on the platform. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about this with DirectBet, since they have never been known to place limits on betting amounts, no matter how much you start winning.

Customer Service & History

Finally, we come to the last point of this review and the one aspect of a service that could either make it or break it, and which happens to be the customer support system. Cryptocurrencies can sometimes be complicated, and when you put gambling in the mix, it becomes even more difficult for a new player to make complete sense of what’s happening. For this particular reason, it is extremely essential for a website or betting service to have excellent customer support, similar to what DirectBet has to offer. You can actually contact these guys at any time of the day and they will always be prompt with their responses and resolve your issue at the earliest. 


Sportsbooks are a great way for sports fanatics or even casual fans to make some quick bucks, while also keeping their passion for sports alive. But the part that we focused on today happens to be cryptocurrencies, and how they can be used effectively in your sportsbook dealings and wagers. You obviously know by now what cryptocurrencies are and how they have influenced the world. You can find them almost everywhere, and the sheer reach of the Bitcoin is sort of becoming hard to believe now. That is how much it has managed to expand in such a short span of time. In this article, we attempted to explore the close ties between the Bitcoins and sportsbooks, or sports gambling websites. And yet again, the answer was found in the magical reach of the Bitcoin, which seems to have also taken over a good share of sportsbook websites.