If you happen to love gaming, we have something really amazing to tell you. Online gaming has evolved a lot in the past few years. We have effectively explored every genre and variety of games that can be thought of, and come up with some pretty unique ideas when it comes to developing games. A lot of these games have been smash hits worldwide, while some may have even failed to hit the mark. Now what if we were to tell you that your passion for gaming could actually get you some pretty sweet rewards? That is right. In today’s day and age, even gaming has its merits, as you’ll soon find out through this review. Online games are no longer simply about recreation and taking a little break from work. Rather, they have managed to evolve up to the point that now we can confidently state that online gaming does bring about significant returns for the average gamer. But the real question, obviously, is how. The answer lies in cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin combines with online gaming to produce productive online games. These games have been specifically designed to help the user earn Bitcoins and gain significant returns for their efforts in the game. The way this works is pretty simple and basic. You play these games as you would with any other game. Now, the only catch is that if you happen to actually complete the game’s objectives or achieve a high enough score, you get awarded not in virtual game points but in actual Bitcoins. That’s pretty great for something that you used to spend hours on before anyway, except now you will get paid for spending those hours. What more could you want? Introduction

Now the fact is there are a lot of such games existing on the Internet. And all of them claim to the best in the business. It, therefore, falls up to the customer to decide on the one game they feel like going for. While that may not seem like such a difficult decision to make, it could actually have some impact on your cryptocurrency ventures if you are not careful. Let us say you randomly pick a game and start playing, without realizing that the game you have just picked, although fun to play, gives you some really small returns for your efforts, especially in comparison to what other similar games on the internet might be offering. What is the point of devoting your time and efforts then, when you could’ve gotten better results on the same amount of gameplay elsewhere? To save you from such a fate, we bring to you, through this article, an exclusive and accurate summary of one of the most popular Bitcoin gaming platforms on the internet right now, This website houses multiple games and lets you earn various types of cryptocurrencies simply by playing, and we are going to review it all. Let us get right to it.

The Review

This great platform has been around for a few years now, and over the years it has managed to gain a steady following for itself. While the customers it already has are loyal and keep coming back, new ones keep getting added on to the list almost every single day. And all of this is simply because of the great way in which the website has been designed and conceptualized. Not compromising on quality at all, the website actually offers more kinds of games than you could possibly hope for. There is the usual slot, dice, video poker, roulette and blackjack along with some really intuitive and unique games that are completely new. The competitive odds platform extends support for a good range of cryptocurrencies, basically anything that you could hope for. Additionally, they also offer jackpots on dice games.

Now the mechanism is pretty simple. First, you need to choose the currency in which you wish to invest, after which you will need to make your deposit for your preferred amount in the currency of your choice. It might be interesting for you to note that the entire website implements the provably fair technology which works great for ensuring that you do not feel cheated or any sort of malpractices is allowed in the gameplay whatsoever. The bets are publicly displayed on ledger such that all players can witness it and there is total transparency in the operations of the website. Now about the website stricture and user interface, while it may not be as attractive or flashy as you would possibly other similar websites to be, it does get the job done pretty effectively. Also, the fully functional and well-equipped interface also boasts of a really useful chat system that has been incorporated such that if the users ever face any problems they can always opt to contact the website administrators or the support staff and get their problem resolved.

There is another great aspect that must be commented on and is fairly commendable, to say the least. As far as the dice games are concerned, the platform has gone to great lengths to ensure the comfort and ease of play of new users or those who are not overly familiar with the platform. The website does this by actually implementing a full array of possible options for betting to increase or boost your chances at winning.  If you happen to play on the auto mode, these betting options will serve to make changes to your betting amounts such that you stand to lose the least amount of money if you are unlucky while at the same time gaining a significant amount if you are lucky enough to win.

The Interface

The interface, as mentioned earlier, although a little too bland for our taste, does get the job done. We just wish they had chosen to go for more bright colors rather than the very dull grey and black. That color scheme simply doesn’t go with the fun and excitement of a gaming website and serves to somehow dampen the excitement of the website and even weaken the spirit of the players. Navigation on the website is actually pretty smooth and straightforward while there is a well-designed chat box that helps new players a lot in the initial stages.

Another feature which you will seldom find on other dice website but is actually present here in full capacity is a personal achievements or statistics page. This page allows you to get a good look at your personal statistics and figures and gauge how well you are performing on various aspects of the game. And if you are not just satisfied with your own records, they will even let you view global statistics with information such as record holders on most wagered, most tips, most bids, most chats and a lot more.

Provably Fair & House Edge

Seeds are basically the things which decide the output of every dice roll. They are like a set of random numbers which are fed into the system on the basis of which the outcomes of every die are decided. Now if you are running a successful dice games website, it becomes your responsibility to share your seeds with the world, such that people can be sure that the outcomes of the die are completely random and not biased in any way. Fortunately, the developers behind CryptoGames are aware of the fact and therefore the seeds are displayed in a public manner. All you need to do is enter the server and client seeds in a random number generator and once you convert the first couple of digits into decimal, you will be able to prove that the system is completely fair and no malpractices are involved.

The games listed on the website are video poker, slots, dice, blackjack and roulette and it is possible to verify the fairness with which all of these are played. All of this is simply what the industry demands of betting and gambling websites as of now since there have been significant outcries of cheating taking place on quite a few of these platforms. As for house edge, it is again critical to maintaining a standard that matches with what the industry standards are while at the same time, not getting too carried away and always keeping the value for house edge under appreciable limits. While not many websites are able to do that, CryptoGames has been fairly successful at it. The value of house edge varies for each and every game on the platform. For example, it is 0.8% for dice games, 1.253% for Blackjack, about 2% for video poker and so on.

Dice Auto Bets

Almost all dice games websites these days feature the functionality of auto bets. Auto bets are nothing but a way to reduce human error while gambling by eliminating the major involvement of the player and leaving it all up to the machine. The way it works is simple. You are supposed to fill out some basic fields such as the payout accepted. Please remember that the higher you set your payout, lower will be your chances of winning, and thus an effective balance much be struck between the two for best results.

In case of full auto bet methods, which are available on but a few websites, you will be able to fully customize your bets based on a number of factors and effectively tell the system what exactly you wish to gain and how much you are willing to put at risk for it.


The faucet is a feature that is implemented in nearly every betting or gambling website on the internet. It is nothing but a free play mode which facilitates the testing or initial run through of the games by the players which don’t involve any payments. CryptoGames has a unique way of implementing the faucet since they actually make it accessible to players after every 3 minutes if they are joining from a single IP address. However, faucet bonus can even be increased for a particular player based on a number of factors. For example, your faucet bonus will be increased depending on the number of messages you have left in chat, the number of players you might have successfully referred to the website and even your own loyalty to the platform which is calculated in the number of days.

Now that we’ve reached the end of this review, it is time to analyze what we know. Basically, this platform is great in almost every way we can think of and manages to perform well on almost every parameter that is used to rank a cryptocurrency gaming website. While it manages to be immensely comfortable for advanced or experienced players, it also brings in some really interesting elements and features to the table catering to new players or beginners.


Final Thoughts

Cryptocurrencies have been a huge part of our world for the past couple of years. While they were not as popular earlier, they did manage to gain a considerable following and a huge boost following the massive success of the Bitcoin. As the Bitcoin kept breaking down records with the huge jumps in its rates, the cryptocurrency industry at large too followed close behind and gained a steady and loyal following. Today, it is not just about the Bitcoin, but rather a great many cryptocurrencies have managed to find a good place in the world and are being used almost everywhere. We have Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Zcash and many more such currencies which are being used in industries and as modes of payment. Bitcoin, specifically, has been unstoppable.

In today’s world, no matter what the kind of service you are looking for or what the kind of product you need to buy, you can do it with Bitcoins. Internet services specifically have started relying for the most part on Bitcoins and its transactions. Bitcoin payments are often swift and have the added advantage of being untraceable, which is why a lot of users and customers, especially those who wish to protect their identities or their personal information, rely on the Bitcoin for all their transactions. Since Bitcoin is a non-centralized currency, no government or authoritative body in the world has the right to monitor Bitcoin transactions, making it especially attractive to certain customers.