Review – A Fun Game To Earn Bitcoin!

Bitcoins are the ultimate rage in the world right now. They are everywhere, and due to the vast number of accolades they have received, almost every other industry wants a piece of this gigantic cake. What we mean is that since the Bitcoin has been proven to be so immensely successful, every other industry out there has been consistently trying hard to incorporate it in some way or the other in its services. And this effectively means that the end consumer has been benefiting a lot since payments and financial services are now much easier and totally manageable. We have now effectively and completely entered the age of virtual money, as is evident by this review, and cryptocurrencies happen to be the latest fad that we are going through. However, this one is here to stay. As is evident by the number of industries now ready to accept Bitcoins as a form of payment, cryptocurrencies and the Bitcoin, in particular, are truly the currency of the future. A Game That Lets You Earn Bitcoins

One prime example of such an industry is the gaming and gambling industry. Talking of gaming, what if we were to introduce you to a game that is not just about recreation, but also focuses on earning? And what if we were to tell you that these earning were in the form of Bitcoins? Obviously, any such alternative which awards players for simply playing would be hugely popular. And that is exactly the case with Chopcoin, a game which doesn’t award points or in-game currency for your achievements, but rather pays you in actual Bitcoins. This game comes with a fresh and unique gameplay that you won’t easily find in any other game and promises to be one fun ride for the player.

However, as mentioned before, this is not just about fun, for with every achievement that you unlock on the game, you will be rewarded with actual money in the form of Bitcoins. For those of you who are truly confident of your gaming skills, or are simply pretty determined enough to learn no matter what it takes, Chopcoin is a worthy option to consider. The sheer vast potential of this game, which works on a skill-based earning method, is quite enough to pull players towards itself, and yet the game doesn’t stop there. It actually also offers a very interesting form of gameplay.


Inspiration & Investment

To give you some perspective, the game actually draws heavy inspiration from’s Blob Wars, which had a similar game mechanism minus the Bitcoin earning part. However, you must note that before you start playing, you must buy-in by paying a nominal amount. The website gives you complete flexibility in this regard and lets you actually choose the number of coins you want to invest initially. Please note that even the initial investment must come in the form of Bitcoins to continue further. The game lets you choose from a range of buy-in options like 0.0001 BTC, 0.005 BTC or 0.01 BTC. As soon as the end of the game is reached, or the in-game timer has elapsed, your total earnings are calculated and instantly transferred into your account. The entire process is highly streamlined and fluid, and there have been almost negligible customer complaints on issues like payout till date.

Game Objectives

Now to come to the actual objectives of the game, let us delve a bit into how you can about winning the game like a pro. The game places you in an environment where you need to gather blobs to survive. As soon as you start collecting these blobs, your character will effectively start growing in size. However, as with all the other games, there are the bad guys as well, and they must be avoided at all costs. The irony is that in this game, the bad guys are the other players themselves. Other competing players will appear to you on the game screen and you must do whatever it takes to avoid them since if they happen to make contact, they could eat you up or even steal your points.

Other than that, the game even places obstacles in your path. These obstacles could be in the form of various path hindering objects, and if you happen to make contact with any of these, your blob will immediately explode and break down into a number of smaller pieces, which means your progress will be effectively reset to some degree. You will also lose quite a good share of your points in the process, and make you an easier target for other bigger competing players.

There is, however, a silver lining since after a fixed period of time, your blob will effectively regroup and once again take the form it had earlier. Although you must exercise caution for the window of time when you are not big and strong, for it leaves you extremely vulnerable to attack.

And now, we step into the details of each and every aspect of the game and give you a basic rundown on what’s to like and what’s to avoid. Also take note that while the game is pretty simple to get into and learn the basics of, it does get difficult to actually let go of it once you have immersed yourself into its gameplay.

Registration & Depositing

Now the first thing about all services is whether or not they need you to register on their platform. As for Chopcoin, you actually do. However, this is nothing to fret over since the registration process in itself is actually quite uncomplicated and minimalistic. It doesn’t even ask for much except some very basic details. Actually, all you need in order to successfully create an account is an email ID along with a username and a password. Once you have successfully provided these details and followed their instructions, your account will be created and you will be good to go on the game. Also take note that it doesn’t matter whether you have actually made any deposit on the game or not because as soon as you complete the registration process, you are free to start your blob hunting.

Now coming on to the deposits, the platform actually has a lengthy process through which your funds are transferred and can later be used to play. You basically need to stick around for three different confirmations to fall through on the funds you have deposited before you can actually use those funds in the game. Now, you might think how long this verification process is going to take if it consists of three different confirmations. The answer is actually a bit ambiguous. This is because it all depends on the speed of the blockchain on the day of the transaction and on the amount of money you have paid to prioritize your transaction. However, even if it does happen to take long, you have to wait around doing nothing as you can always play in the free mode of the game or even use the faucet. Also, if you are feeling that you might fall short of buy-in options, then you are actually quite mistaken since there are a whole lot of other cryptocurrencies accepted by Chopcoin except the Bitcoin. They also accept Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ripple, Monero and many more such currencies.


Now the second most important feature for a service, especially one that works online is the kind of user interface they have managed to construct. Since the interface is the very first thing a user sees when he enters the platform, it must be of top-notch quality and must give off professional vibes. Also, if the website or portal is too complicated to be operated by a random average user, then the quality of the service is simply of no consequence, which is why website structure and navigation must be as simple as possible.

Sadly, this is the one domain where Chopcoin seems to lack a bit. It is not as if they have a bad interface or one that doesn’t work with the people, it just feels as if they haven’t really tried to innovate much with their designs. While they do happen to have a better range of customization options than the free-to-play version, there are still pretty apparent traces that the major influence is from the original website and not much has been changed in that regard. If perhaps they tried a little harder to make their content a bit more original then this little problem would have been rooted out.

Now as per the customization options, there are actually plenty. You can choose whether or not you want to see the number of points your blob may have collected. You may also choose to play around with the background as well as the color scheme of the website by changing it all to black. Also, in the absence of a decent internet connection, the controls might feel a bit laggy which is why we urge you to always play when there is a strong internet connection available.

Gameplay & Strategy

Although at its core, Chopcoin is nothing but a game based purely on your skill, the addition of the prize of Bitcoins has made the game far more interesting than it already is. While there can possibly be no single best way to play and score well in the game, there are a few pointers and tips you can follow to make sure you succeed. First of all, do ensure that you make your blob bigger initially by collecting and consuming all of the neutral blobs that the game has placed around for you. That way, you get to have a good start in the game without engaging much with other players. Also, it might be interesting to note that the size of your blob has a direct impact on the speed with which you move. Obviously, the bigger the blog, slower will be the speed. Thus, we advise you to collect as many neutral blobs as you can in the beginning of the game so that you have the time to actually formulate a good strategy for the later stages.

Now another great aspect of the game is the mechanism of splitting and ejecting. While splitting refers to the act of breaking down into two different smaller blobs in order to catch up with a fleeing blob, ejecting is the process of ejecting or leaving behind some of your mass in order to flee quickly from a chasing opponent.

However, this option must be used only as a last resort since it will leave you weakened and with a lesser mass than you originally had. Now another obstacle that the game places in order to make your game tougher is that of mines. Mines will be scattered throughout the game and must be avoided at all costs since if you happen to make contact with one, your blob will immediately split up into a number of pieces. Now, this is obviously bad for your game since you are now more vulnerable to attacks from other players.


The faucet is an in-game feature that is a blessing in disguise for those players who are not ready to pay to play just yet. While the game does not explicitly offer a bonus on deposit, the faucet is essentially a free to play game mode, all the while preserving your right to earn Satoshis. If you manage to gain a good place in any of your runs on the faucet, then the game actually awards you with free Bitcoins. That is a deal that you simply cannot miss. While the amount of Bitcoins awarded is not much, it is enough to get you to a start in the game and also get you familiar with the basics and controls of the game. Basically, consider it a training ground with actual rewards before the actual game begins.


We hope that this review was able to help you get an idea of what this platform is all about. The fact that the makers of the game were even able to come up with this brilliant concept of combining some simple gameplay with the reward of earning Bitcoins is deeply impressive. Add to that the fact that the game is so rich in depth and ridiculously fun at the same time, and you have essentially got a winner on your hands.