Best Bitcoin Sportsbooks 2018

Are you a huge sports buff? Then this article is just right for you. The world is changing pretty fast. And with it, we are also facing major changes in the way a lot of the things work. Normal conventional methods are routinely being discarded for newer and more efficient methods which work fantastically, such as regular betting being discarded for some of the best Bitcoin sportsbooks. And this is mostly a good thing since it helps us grow and advance to new heights every day. Now one of the major things that have undergone changes is the currency we use. We have graduated from mere paper currency bills and coins to virtual currency in a pretty short span of time, and who knows what the future might bring.

Sports gambling websites, or sportsbooks, as they are more popularly called make it extremely convenient for a user to place wagers on the outcome of a sports match. It is highly simple for everyone because not only is the entire mechanism quite fluid but also there is no limit on the kind of sports you can bet on. Sportsbooks allow you to place bets on the matches of a diverse range of sports like boxing, tennis, soccer, basketball, baseball, cricket, rugby, motorsports and a lot more.

The gambling websites mentioned below have all been duly tested by our team members and have proven themselves to be well-performing on almost every parameter that there is. And the best part is that all of them readily accept Bitcoin payments and investments. They have a remarkable record when it comes it withdrawals and deposits, and have almost negligible cases of customer dissatisfaction. Also, they have a pretty decent customer response team, which will always be ready to cater to all your concerns or problems, in case you have any. To sum up, the websites, services or sportsbooks we are about to mention below are your one-stop solution for all your sports Bitcoin gambling needs.

Top 5 Best Bitcoin Sportsbook Sites 2018

1. Cloudbet Sports

This amazingly built sportsbook website offers some pretty exciting features, the most notable of which happens to be the fact that they let you parlay up to as many as 7 selections. The greatest aspect of this platform is that they support live in-play betting, which basically means that you get to bet on the match while the match is actually going on. If that isn’t enough, the website features a really wide selection of sports leagues to choose from and place your bets on. While the minimum bet has been set at 0.001 BTC, the maximum bet could go as high as 200 BTC. While this maximum bet only applies to bets like NBA, soccer, and NHL, other sports have a bet limit of 30 BTC. As per deposit bonuses, CloudBet doesn’t hold back at all and actually offers a deposit bonus of 100% up to 5 BTC to all their members. Additionally, there are loyalty points available for each and every bet that is placed on the platform. Last but definitely the most important, the odds that you will find here are easily one of the best in the business. So if you are really passionate about winning, perhaps CloudBet is your best bet.

2. Sportsbet

Sportsbooks aren’t complicated. In fact, all they require is a straightforward approach, and a good range of sports to bet on. And these are the very things that SportsBet has managed to excel in. You can easily find every major league tournament on this website, along with a huge array of sports to place your bets on. The betting options you have are straight, muti-betting and single. Additionally, the platform supports live in-play betting, which is great since the feature isn’t very common even among sportsbook websites. With a software that is almost self-explanatory, Sportsbet can actually be enjoyed by anyone since it doesn’t take much to understand how it works. Competitive odds are another gem that only strengthens this already illustrated platform’s hold on the market. Bets can go as low as 0.001 BTC and as high as 100 BTC. To talk of the other features they offer exclusively to their customers, there is a money back scheme on some limited but highly popular sporting events, wherein a few lucky betters could get to win some share of the prize money simply for betting on the game, regardless of whether their team wins or loses the match. Deposits and withdrawals are super smooth and happen almost instantly.

3. Betcoin Sports

If you are looking for variety, and do not just seek simple betting but are rather looking for more innovative concepts and features, then Betcoin Sports is the solution for you. This portal straight up features a menu with different kinds of betting you could engage in. There are straight bets, teasers, parlays, round robins and much more for you to experience. Bets range from 0.0001 BTC to 200 BTC which is a significantly better range than most sportsbook website currently offer. Although, the fact is that no good thing comes without its own share of quirks. And so despite having such a wide collection of sports and sports betting games in its arsenal, for some reason, Betcoin Sports does not currently offer any bonuses to its customers. This in itself is strange because almost every sportsbook website on the internet today makes use of bonuses and promotions to attract customers.

4. Nitrogen Sports

If it is affordability and cheap thrills that you crave, then Nitrogen sports is the answer for you. This sportsbook is powered exclusively by the Bitcoin and happens to be quite popular among gamblers since it features zero confirmation deposits and no fees. There are the usual betting games like parlays, straight betting, teasers and props, and the range of Bitcoin deposits is from 0.001 BTC to 80 BTC. Also, if it is major leagues that you are interested in, then you don’t have to look far, because of Nitrogen Sports almost every major league that is played around the world. Another great feat that has been achieved by this platform is that they have managed to build the largest ever e-sports collection in the history of sportsbooks. Talking of offers and promotions, while the bonuses are not available presently, they do have certain really profitable promotions going on that could potentially nudge the game in your favor, or at least give you a good start.

5. Bovada Sports

Bovada Sports is one fine addition to the list of best Bitcoin sportsbooks worthy of your attention and time. There are several reasons behind this. First of all, Bovada offers live Bitcoin trading and betting, which is something that not many platforms on this list are willing to offer. Furthermore, betting has now become really popular as a sport and has effectively spread over to previously untouched sections of the population. Not all of these people have the time and luxury to sit in one place for extended periods of time. For this very reason, it was critical to expand betting and gambling to mobile devices and make all such websites responsive such that they run just as well on all devices as they run on desktops. Now while not many sportsbooks or gambling websites have managed to do that as of now, Bovada sports happens to be one of those who has. Their mobile website functions just as smoothly as the desktop version and offers the same functionalities but in a much more compact package. Also, if you are highly interested in betting for a sport, but are confused about which team to bet on, there is good news for you. A great feature of Bovada Sports is that they not only allow Bitcoin gambling on their website, but they also provide users with useful statistics and figures which can effectively prove to be instrumental in helping the user take the right decision.

Why Bitcoins?

That was about major sportsbooks which are totally worthy of being invested in. But for now, let us talk of cryptocurrencies, and specifically, the Bitcoin. The Bitcoin has been pretty revolutionary in the sense that it has managed to infiltrate almost all of our industries and professions, and that too pretty rapidly. You can now find it everywhere, since all kinds of marketers, dealers and businessmen are now willing to accept Bitcoins, as a form of payment for their services or products. We have effectively moved into an era where actual physical cash has become quite redundant and more efficient and highly convenient forms of currency like cryptocurrencies seem to have completely taken over.

The Bitcoin, for example, has been leading the race by a long shot. You can now pay for your groceries, travel services, medical bills, internet services and a lot more using just your Bitcoins. But the one industry that seems to have benefitted more than anything else is the gambling industry. Today, in this article we are going to talk about that. First and foremost, the reason why Bitcoins work so great for the gambling industry is that they have a certain degree of anonymity associated with them. The nature of the gambling trade is such that people generally feel the need to protect their identities and conceal private information. In such scenarios, the Bitcoin works perfectly since it is, after all, a decentralized currency and the jurisdiction for it lies with no singular government or authoritative body. The transactions done with Bitcoins cannot possibly be tracked or traced, and as a result, gamblers tend to prefer Bitcoins for their dealings.

Sportsbooks: The Way They Work

Now coming back to sports, there is a pretty huge market for sports gambling everywhere in the world. Sports are a pretty passionate form of entertainment. The people involved or the fans tend to get pretty involved with the workings of the sport they are interested in and feel the need to get as close to the action as possible. Also, in order to instantly connect yourself to the match being played, and also earn some money in the process, gambling seems to be a pretty popular option among sports fans. Sports gambling has been in place for years now. It alleviates the thrill of the game, and if done successfully, it has the potential to bring about some pretty big returns. Now as far as legalized gambling is concerned, there are some pretty convenient websites on the internet today which make for a really pleasant gambling experience for the user. In this article, we tried to explore some such options. It is important for you to note that since there are literally hundreds of sports gambling websites available on the internet today, it is not practically possible to list all of them or even all of the good ones. But that was never our intention anyway. Our motive was to focus on only a select few of such websites and give you a clear picture on what the cornerstones behind a great sportsbook website are.