Best Bitcoin Poker Sites 2018

The world surely has changed a lot in the past bunch of years. What may have counted as bizarre earlier can easily pass off as normal now. Those looking for casinos to visit earlier are now surfing the web for the best Bitcoin poker sites. Similar is the case with the currencies we use. Up until a decade or so, money was all about cold and hard bills of cash or coins, and now it’s almost like they are all but on the last stretch of their lives. A strong reason behind this is the massive popularity gained by virtual or plastic money. They are ridiculously easy to carry and handle and take up almost a negligible amount of space.

It comes as no surprise, therefore, that the world has chosen to forego currency bills in favor of credit or debit cards. You simply take your card over to wherever you want to shop at, and simply swipe away to pay whatever amount you owe to the person behind the counter. You won’t even have to worry about spare change or paying more than required, for these cards only deduct the exact amount from your account balance. But just as there is always room for improvement, the world soon discovered that there was something even more convenient than credit or debit cards and that something turned out to be cryptocurrencies.

If you think that online poker isn’t that big of a thing, you couldn’t be more wrong. Similar to adrenaline based games, online poker offers something that a lot of gamers seek these days, and that is some fun and fast-paced action. And what’s even more amazing is that you also get to make some money in the process, and when that money is in the form of Bitcoin, you couldn’t really ask for anything more. But make no mistake, online poker websites aren’t all about fun and games, and don’t think that there’s not much skill involved, for these games are a complex mix of strategy, skill, and patience. Well now that you are familiar with what it takes and what the stakes are, let’s dive right in and explore our options.

Top 8 Best Bitcoin Poker Sites 2018

1. Betcoin Poker

They have recently started accepting Bitcoins as a form of payment, and that has only added to the amazing list of features this great portal has. Betcoin Poker can best be described as an online casino and currency sportsbook while also incorporating a poker client.

The best part about the service is that they tend to experiment a lot, which is quite evident in the fact that they periodically hold tournaments. These tournaments are generally buy-in nature and are accessible to all members of the website. All members need to basically pool some of their coins and once all the coins have been collected, the tournament begins and the winner gets to take home the largest share of the coins.

Also, they conduct freerolls which are another great way to earn some coins, and that too in a short amount of time. Another great factor while ranking such services is the kind of audiences they have and the extent of customer reach. As for Betcoin, they have a pretty expansive community of active users, most of which have only good things to say about the service.

Next, to go a little deeper into the mechanics of the service, perhaps you would be interested in knowing the speed with which Bitcoin transactions are processed. The great part is that all manner of Bitcoin transactions, be it withdrawals or deposits, are processed almost instantly. That in itself is a great feature you would seldom find elsewhere and is actually quite essential.

Next, we come to the customer support which is again nothing to complain about at all. The complexity of Bitcoin transactions and the way these websites work in general make it quite natural for a customer to experience some problems initially. In such cases, a good customer support team comes in really handy. The good thing is, Betcoin boasts of a pretty proficient and well-trained customer support team that almost always answers well to customer complaints and solves problems at the earliest. All stakes are handled by the website itself and they do have weekly tournaments, as mentioned before the prizes for which could go up to a million dollars. If all of the features described above are not enough for you, then how about the fact that Betcoin also supports poker with Litecoins?  


2. Seals with Clubs Poker

For a very long time, Seals with Clubs was the undisputed king and unchallenged winner in the best Bitcoin poker sites category. They had so many intuitive features and great concepts running on their website that other similar portals seemed to never catch up to all the hype it had managed to garner over the years.

Unfortunately, every great run must come to an end someday. And so, as the other websites finally caught up, and announced or introduced the same features but with even more promotional campaigns and bonuses offered, Seals with Clubs soon lost its place at the top. However, this by no means can be translated into Seals with Clubs is not relevant anymore. Even though it may not be the absolute best or the most popular web service in the present day, it still is one of the most widely used and convenient Bitcoin poker platforms on the internet.

At its peak, the range of services offered by Seals with Clubs included tables at all stakes, 6 and 9 max tables pertaining to all poker variations, heads up, and best of all, continuous waves of great tournaments hosted on the website itself where the winner went home with a good chunk of the total prize pool. These freeroll tournaments and continuous buy-in made the website look great in contrast to the others and have kept the spark alive even now among all the competition.

The krill program actually allows players to claim some of their rakes back. With the huge rise in fiat currency websites and other big names in the domain adopting cryptocurrencies, or the Bitcoin in particular as a mode of payment, the online poker gaming community gradually shifted from Seals with Clubs to other bigger names. This is what prompted the portal to lose its place at the top and while the service has been struggling to regain its former glory ever since you sure can’t go wrong if you choose to sign up for this service.


3. Ignition Casino Poker

When you are good, and we mean really good, you don’t exactly need over the top promotional campaigns or extensive advertorials, for your work speaks for itself, and talks of your superior quality automatically reach the intended audience. Similar is the case with Ignition Casino Poker.

Almost everyone associated with online Bitcoin poker or the casual fans of the game are aware of the fact that the poker tables they have on offer are one of the best in the business. The best part about the service is that it opens its doors for all kinds of players. It doesn’t matter whether you are a new player or an experienced one, Ignition Casino has something for everyone. Also, one of the greatest challenges that new players often face in the game is that it is actually difficult to get started with almost zero balance and nothing to bet on. This is where Ignition Casino jumps in to help. Fantastically, they offer a signing up bonus of the Bitcoin equivalent of $1100 to every new player who joins the website, which by the way also includes a $100 Poker Drip bonus. What this means is that new players are going to have absolutely no difficulty in setting up their game and competing with existing players who have already been playing for some time.

Also, with top of the line tournaments hosted periodically like Sit-and-Go, Mad Money and Turbo, this service sure knows how to keep public interest alive and to keep reinventing itself. These weekly tournaments are no joke and are a great tool to earn some big bucks as the prizes offered can go up to $2 million each week.


4. Nitrogen Poker

This browser-based Bitcoin-accepting poker platform is one of the fastest emerging and growing poker platforms of today. A major factor that contributes towards it being one of the very best has to be its tendency to put its users at ease. The way they accomplish this is by implementing smooth navigation controls and pretty much the best website user interface that can be provided to users. The entire website structure has been designed to suit players who may not be familiar with online poker and they have provided step by step guide on the entire process so that no one remains confused on how to go about playing on the platform.

Another great feature associated with the website is that they take user privacy quite seriously. What this means is that the user gets to protect their identity and actually choose to play anonymously on the service. This way, no personal details are compromised in the process. Additionally, they also have something called a ‘swag store’, which is basically an online marketplace, along with an exclusive VIP program which entails some pretty special features to the members of the program.

They also hold constant poker tournaments and promotional campaigns to speed things up in the business and keep customer satisfaction and engagement from falling over. As mentioned earlier, security is one of the prime features on this service and even customer support is top notch and leaves nothing to complain about.

Also, if you are someone who believes in quick services and is generally in a hurry, then you are in luck because Nitrogen Poker specializes in instant withdrawals. However, if we absolutely had to list down at least one downfall of the service, we would say it is the limited community size since it isn’t actually as big as what you would find on some of the other services out there. But the varied list of features and the highly intuitive offers on display at this service make Nitrogen Poker a great platform to play poker on.


5. Fortune Jack Poker

If you are a fan of rush Bitcoin poker, your search ends right here, for Fortune Jack is simply one of the best platforms to play rush poker using your Bitcoins. Off the top of the list, two of the greatest features of this platform has to be the absolutely fluid gameplay and the completely uncluttered and uncomplicated interface that it comes with. The fluidity is gameplay basically means that you would have no difficulty in understanding the basics of the game even if you are a beginner and that the game engine works superbly in clearing all kinds of confusions regarding the game. The simple interface, on the other hand, works great because it draws visitors to the website with its simplicity and casual charm.

The good news about working with this service is that it requires absolutely no downloads or installations and works entirely on the browser. With standard features like buy-ins and periodic tournaments which are freeroll in nature, you simply can’t go wrong with Fortune Jack. Other notable pros that you must know about are the micro and low stakes Hold Em along with PLO with an initial deposit bonus of as much as 100% up to 0.5 BTC, which is definitely the best being offered in the business right now. All of these features make Fortune Jack a great portal to make some quick cash.


6. Bet Online Poker

Arguably the best alternative on this list, Bet Online Poker is frequented by millions of players and remains the single most popular website for online poker and betting. It has the widest consumer base of them all and boasts of a comprehensive and amazingly smooth client.

If we had to nitpick and dig out a flaw from this fluid system, we would perhaps say that the interface is somewhat outdated, especially considering the fact that we now have so much more advanced and well functioning services and similar platforms out there. In order to stay in the race and always maintain the same kind of customer following and craze that the website is apparently enjoying right now, Bet Online Poker must immediately update and start working on their website structure and user interface.

However, as per the rest of their services and characteristics, you need not worry at all since they seem to have it all covered. Firstly, their clientele or user community is one of the largest in the industry and new players seem to be getting added every single day. As per the gameplay aspect of the website, the game mechanics have been smoothened and perfected over dozens of well-meaning updates, making it also one of the best in business. Due to the very combination of a solid gameplay and the massive community, competition too seems to be formidable and challenging for the average user, thus again giving this platform an edge over the other services in the market.

Additionally, the website offers a diverse range of game modes too for the player to enjoy. In addition to single matches that the player can bet on, there are always the tournaments that are held periodically or even the cash games which the player can engage in. The seven card stud game variety, however, is not supported currently.


7. Bits Poker

Bits Poker is an in-browser poker platform that works well for those players who prefer to keep their identity private and their personal details are hidden from the world. Specializing in anonymous gameplay, Bits Poker is great even in terms of their unique in-game experience and pleasant betting environment. Specializing in tournaments, the unique aspect of Bits Poker lies in the frequency of tournaments on the platform. Bits Poker holds regular tournaments giving its players all the more opportunities to convert their losses into winnings or further amplify their winning amounts. They have high stakes on tales and the competitions on the platform are held for all kinds of skill levels, making it easier for beginner players to find their place on the platform while also ensuring that advanced players tend not to easily outdo the amateurs.

While they do not offer any bonuses on deposits, this functional website also works well partly because the registration process is increasingly simple and uncomplicated. It takes merely a few minutes to register in the website and while this is possibly not the best Bitcoin poker platform you will find on the internet, it is certainly well worth your time to give it a test run.


8. Bit Casino Poker

Finally, the last entry on this list happens to be Bit Casino Poker. This often underrated poker website is actually quite formidable and worthy when it comes to Bitcoin-based competitive poker. Often compared with the decidedly more popular Bitcoin poker platform mBit, Bit Casino is actually much different if you examine closely. While the services and gameplay are largely similar, there are some stark differences too.

For example, the customer service offered by mBit is definitely better than what the platform of Bit Casino Poker offers. However, since customer service happens to be one of the cornerstones of a charming online service, Bit Casino Poker fares poorly when compared to mBit. Also, the promotions and bonuses offered by this service pale in comparison to the ones offered by mBit. All of these factors make first-time customers apprehensive of opting for Bit Casino Poker.

Now the great aspect of Bit Casino is that it happens to offer rush poker services, which is seldom found in all other services. Additionally, there are periodically held tournaments, along with a gameplay that is much streamlined and quite smooth. But the best aspect of this platform, one that possibly works great in pulling in the customers is the fact that since the service is not as popular as some of the others on this list, the competition you would find here is somewhat soft. This is precisely the reason why a lot of casual or recreational but skilled players would find it comparatively easy to win here. Nevertheless, even if you are an advanced player, or are a bit of a beginner at the trade, we are sure you would something for yourself if you choose to give it a shot.


We hope this article has helped you. Our goal is to introduce you to the realm of gambling, by virtue of online poker websites. We have listed the best bitcoin online poker websites that you can lay your hands on in the year 2018, and weigh them all against each other by listing out their various pros and cons. But most importantly, we have only been listing out only those websites which fully accept Bitcoin payments, that is, we have reviewed the best Bitcoin poker websites that you can use to satisfy your gambling needs.

How Far Bitcoin Has Come

What began as a craze sparked by the Bitcoin, has now transformed into a fully fledged revolution, and almost every other investor who knows a thing or two about the financial industry deems the cryptocurrencies a force to be reckoned with. Investments have flowed in like never before, and the current market for cryptocurrencies, all kinds of them, is huge enough to cover the entire globe. While the Bitcoin seemed to be the only major player in the race up until a few years ago, today you more than a dozen varied and intuitive cryptocurrencies to invest in. There is Ethereum, Litecoins, Dash and many more to choose from.

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