Best Bitcoin Lottery Sites 2018

There are times when a certain phenomenon takes over the world completely. It captures the minds and imaginations of the people in a way that nothing has ever done before. A similar feat has been achieved by the Bitcoin, with its triumphant run, and ongoing success in the financial market, which is actually quite evident by the hoards of people looking for best Bitcoin lottery sites. While it initially failed to hit the bull’s eye, it soon came back into the market and rose above to deliver some fantastic results. The Bitcoin wasn’t just a currency anymore, it becomes more of a revolution or a force. This force soon made way for a number of other industries to spring up too.

Chief of these is the cryptocurrency industry itself. With the humongous success of the Bitcoin, people soon realized that perhaps other cryptocurrencies could achieve similar results too. And that is how currencies like Litecoins, Ethereum, Zcash and many more received the push they did towards widespread popularity and public acceptance. Soon enough, the cryptocurrency mining industry came into the limelight. This is when people realized that instead of buying or shopping for Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies, they could perhaps mine for them themselves. And so people started investing in mining rigs and mining hardware to gain the upper hand in mining for their desirable Altcoins.

Before we give you the rundown on why Bitcoins work so great and why the lottery industry seems to be so smitten by them, it is time to get to the crux of the matter and actually list all of the websites pertaining to Bitcoin lottery online that we deem worthy of your attention. Please note that each of these websites is great in their own way and satisfy and check all of those factors which contribute towards building a great lottery or Bitcoin gambling website. Additionally, all of them deal in Bitcoins and manage smooth but safe Bitcoin transactions. Let us dive right in.

Top 8 Best Bitcoin Lottery Sites 2018

1. Cloudbet

Have you ever seen live matches? Of course you have. Be it soccer, football, cricket, whatever be the sport you are interested in, you can’t possibly beat the thrill of watching live matches. The thrill and the excitement are just unparalleled. Now imagine the same situation, just that instead of a sports-match, what you are experiencing is a poker match, and instead of simply being a spectator, you are actually one of the players in the match. Well, Cloudbet makes all of that happen.

The platform is most famous for holding live matches for poker and then streaming right on to your devices. Perhaps their most famous game is the one called “Pick 6”. In here, you need to pick a total of six numbers or balls out of 49 and if one or more of your picked balls happen to match with the winning balls, then you stand to win something. It is as simple as that.

Thus you get your regular lottery but infused with a certain betting twist to make it even more exciting and rewarding than it already is. And even the betting mechanism isn’t simply limited to betting on numbers. Rather, you get to bet on a whole lot of other stuff and use a whole lot of combinations or order to increase your chances of winning. For example, in the ‘Pick 6’ game, you get to bet on colors, numbers or even sums, that is how far they are willing to go to make sure that you end up taking a winning amount with you at the end of the play.

There are no pre-recordings if that is what you are worried about, it is all genuine and completely true to the word. All the actions happen right in front of your eyes. Also, no random number generators are used. Apart from the game we described above, users on this platform also have the option to play Keno, on demand of course. However, this game too comes with a great range of variations of its own. You can either opt for Keno 40 ball, 80 ball, Traditional Keno, Klub Keno or Live Keno. All of them are as fun as the others.


2. Betcoin Casino

The second entry on this list has been grabbed by the very popular Betcoin Casino. This platform is most famous for their weekly raffles, which are nothing but a lottery game where if you happen to be among the winners as per your ticket, you stand to win any of the designated prizes. Also, since these raffles are weekly in nature, there is always an excitement and the chances of winning are pretty high.

Other than that, they also have a monthly Vegas lotto, which is a Las Vegas themed lotto competition, again offering some fantastic prizes. But if you are interested in even more, then Betcoin Casino also holds custom lotteries on a daily basis. These custom lotteries let users get their hands on exclusive prizes that have been especially funded with Bitcoins.

Now as mentioned, this website mainly specializes in two kinds of Bitcoin lotteries, the first is the lotto-type Bitcoin lottery. As per this game, you need to select a group of numbers which will then be designated to you. At the time of the results announcement, the winning numbers will be announced, and if your selection matches up to some degree with the winning selection, then you are a winner. The winning numbers are automatically and randomly generated by a very well designed system. The second type is the raffle type lottery in which you get a ticket. Once you acquire this ticket, you are good to participate in the raffle and no other course of action is to be taken by you. Also, if you happen to be one of the VIP players which are among the elite participants, then you are also eligible to participate in specially created private access lotteries and contests, specially tailored towards experienced players.


3. Bit Casino

Again this platform depends majorly on a live streamed event which you can view from anywhere from any of your digital devices. In this event, a set of lucky numbers are revealed which you then need to compare with your set of numbers. This lotto takes place on a daily basis at the interval of five minutes from each other. Each edition is designated with a special number whose purpose is to help settle the bets. Betting on any of the outcomes is possible only until an edition starts. After that, all bets are closed and the odds are fixed.

Again, there are two versions of the game that are played. First, there is the lucky 7 game, in which 7 seven numbers are drawn out of a total of 42 numbers, whereas in the other game which is aptly titled lucky 5,  random numbers are drawn out of a total of 36 numbers.

4. Mbit Casino

Mbit Casino is great, especially due to the fact that they are willing to offer not one or two but eight different games to all the players on their platform. You may choose from games like 7 Gold Scratch, Bonus Keno, Ace, Triple Wins, Lucky Double and Triple Wins Star Tickets. They say variety is the spice of life, and if it is the variety that you crave, then you cannot possibly get a better option than Mbit casino. The wide variety of games you will find here are sure to keep you occupied for hours.

To further strengthen the just nature of the games, and to ensure that there is no sort of malpractice or bias in the odds, the makers have used an efficient cryptographically sound pseudo-random number generator. Additionally, you get to enjoy different playing styles along with various forms of jackpot sizes and card pricing.


Another great platform which touts itself as a live lottery game, Bitstarz works great as a Bitcoin lottery website. The gameplay is pretty simple. You get to bet on six balls out of a total of 49 balls which are mixed and shuffled thoroughly and randomly by the lottery Lachine licensed by Tombola. The betting interface in itself is unique in the sense that it is based on the ‘line’ style. These lines are further categorized into 3 different groups, which correspond to bets on numbers, colors, and sums respectively. Other cool features that you can find on this service are the live dealership, support, game history and chat service to quickly deal with any problems. Also, the balls are dropped after every four minutes.


6. FortuneJack

Provably fair Keno isn’t something that you would usually find on Bitcoin lottery websites. In fact, FortuneJack happens to be the first website which lets users play Keno based on the provably fair technology. Among cryptocurrency gambling websites, that in itself is quite an achievement. But it doesn’t just end there, for this portal has a lot more to offer as well.

As for the Keno, it is played with a 20 ball format, where the balls are first extracted in a completely random fashion from a barrel containing a total of 80 balls. Once that is done, you get to match your selected numbers with the drawn numbers, and if there is a perfect match, then you win.

7. Satoshi Lottery

If daily prizes are your thing, then Satoshi Lottery is the place to be. This great platform with the Japanese name comes among the premier and best Bitcoin lottery sites and holds daily prize draws for its viewers and audiences. However, you do need to register on the service before you start playing. But fret not, since the registration process is as simple as it can be and barely takes two minutes. Also, the only thing that you need to register is an email address.

Even the tickets available on Satoshi Lottery are super cheap and can be bought only at 0.00025 BTC. These tickets have a set of five numbers on them, with the numbers ranging from 1 to 24. The player must choose a ticket with any of these 5 completely random numbers. Finally, the amount of your prize money, or lack of it, is decided by the number of matches you get. The highest prize is obviously for the player who happens to get all five matches perfectly, and the amount is greater than 1.7 BTC. Players having 2 or 3 numbers matching will be able to claim free tickets for themselves for subsequent contests.  Again, Satoshi Lottery happens to be provably fair, that is, every player has the freedom to actually to check the authenticity or accuracy of every roll and even trace them if required.

8. Crypto Games

Crypto Games as a Bitcoin platform for lottery specializes in lotto and offers really cheap lottery tickets. You can buy these tickets for as low as 0.0001 BTC. After that, it is the usual system of hoping that one or more of your numbers turn out to be the lucky numbers to be picked. Unlike the others, this platform doesn’t hold contests every day but rather once in a week, and that too on Wednesdays only. Out of all the tickets sold, only 3 of the winners are selected and then awarded with fabulous prizes amounting in Bitcoins. However, the service has been pretty transparent with the way they function since we know that they devote 98.5% of their total earnings from ticket sales towards the winning amount whereas the remaining 1.5% is devoted towards the maintenance and development of the platform itself.


Online Lottery Embraces Bitcoins

The real evidence of the huge milestones knocked down by the Bitcoin came in the form of the acceptance it received from other industries. As soon as it reached the levels of popularity that made it a worldwide craze, a lot of other industries started coming up with ways to incorporate the currency into their business. What that means is that the Bitcoin soon became an acceptable form of payment almost everywhere.

No matter where you were or what you were shopping for, you could always use your Bitcoins to pay. And that meant that payments became a lot easier for people all over the world. Not carrying any cash? No worries, for you can always pay in Bitcoins. But the real success came when industries like the online poker industry and the lottery industry began accepting such payments. Now, if you are planning to buy lottery tickets online, you can always do that using your Bitcoin collection.

Bitcoin Lottery: Finer Details

But here lies a problem that most of us tend not to anticipate. How exactly do you go about finding such services which will gladly accept your Bitcoins in exchange for lottery tickets? And even if you do manage to find them, how do you differentiate the good ones from the bad? Let’s be practical here. This is the internet we are talking about. For every good service out there, there are five other services out there which exist solely to dupe you.

Thus, it is pretty essential to take care of and dodge the shady services while also making full use of the ones which are actually good and can help you with whatever you are seeking. For all of these reasons, this article aims to introduce you to a few worthy contenders when it comes to buying lottery using Bitcoins. We tried to list out the best Bitcoin lottery websites on the Internet today in 2018 and only focused on those sites which actually accept Bitcoin payments.

Bitcoin lottery as a service in itself is pretty great due to the fact that it is one hundred percent online, which means everything from payments to withdrawals and placing wagers happens on the internet. You get to bet on your favorite teams from the comfort of your homes and reap all the benefits that come with it too. Plus, it doesn’t matter whether you are a novice at the trade or someone with oodles of experience. All kinds of players are welcome, and more importantly, all kinds of players will be able to fully appreciate and understand the mechanics of the game. This is mainly because the websites that have been designed for this purpose are built on a model which places full emphasis on a rich gaming interface. What this means is that the controls will be extremely basic and simple to understand and not overly complicated or complex mechanisms have been implemented anywhere.

The winning contestants or winners are intelligently but randomly picked out by a cryptographic algorithm which is almost impossible to hack or tamper with. This ensures that no kind of bias exists when it comes to deciding the winners of a bet. To get into a little more depth on what this algorithm does and how it does it, you must first understand what the Bitcoin blockchain is and how it works. Basically, the algorithm used by Bitcoin lottery websites utilizes the Bitcoin blockchain and perhaps another third party to randomly pick out the winners making it fairly just and devoid of any form of malpractice. This one hundred percent cheat proof algorithm is currently used by all Bitcoin-based lottery websites on the internet. Also, since it has been implemented using the revolutionary provably fair technology, it is actually possible for any random person to verify the accuracy of this algorithm at any given time.

Benefits with Bitcoins

Now while all of that is well and good, a few people might still wonder a few things. Why it is that a perfectly well and smooth functioning lottery industry would want to spread their wings further and take up Bitcoins? Why Bitcoins at all? Is it simply because of the ongoing popularity experienced by Bitcoins? The answer is actually a no.

While it is true that the current craze being enjoyed by Bitcoins makes them almost unbeatable, the fact is that we are also looking at some other major pros that Bitcoins bring with themselves when it comes to online lottery. Let us discuss a few of them are. First and foremost, as already discussed, the introduction of Bitcoins into lottery makes it possible to implement the provably fair technology which is great for such websites or platforms.

Furthermore, Bitcoins finally let go of the restriction that all participants must first register and create an account for themselves before they start playing. The cryptocurrency doesn’t require any such step and so we actually already have a good number of lottery websites on the Internet which do not ask for registrations or accounts to begin playing.

Next, there is the huge benefit associated with Bitcoins that you won’t have to wait for your winnings to be credited. The nature of Bitcoins makes them pretty easy to transact with and the transactions themselves as quickly as possible. Thus, whenever you use them to actually pay for a service, your payment will fall through almost immediately, and similar is the case with your own winnings, for they credited to your account as soon as you actually win.

Additionally, Bitcoins have also enabled online lottery websites to significantly lower their fee, thus making their services more accessible and affordable to players worldwide. This cryptocurrency almost always leads to better services and more profits, thus encouraging website developers and owners to decrease their betting fee and other charges.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the biggest impact that Bitcoins can have on online lottery websites is that they significantly upgrade their reach and influence around the world. When utilizing a particular currency, a service basically limits itself to operate in only the regions where the specified currency actually works. However, since the Bitcoin functions universally, platforms and services using this cryptocurrency have the flexibility to function in all parts of the world and attract customers from all around the globe.