Best Bitcoin Games 2018

Bitcoins are all the rage in the news these days. You can’t live one day without hearing some major piece of information about cryptocurrencies or the Bitcoin in particular. And perhaps that is a good thing, for Bitcoins have been nothing short of a revolution for our world. We have been blind to the potential it carries for such a long time, and now that we are finally beginning to realize its importance, it comes as no surprise that the currency can be seen everywhere. Almost every other industry has begun accepting Bitcoins and incorporating it into their services. We even have a wide range of best Bitcoin games now. From banks to retailers to commodities to internet services, there is nothing you cannot buy or indulge in with Bitcoins today.

The fact is that soon enough, maybe in a decade or so if the Bitcoin continues to make waves like it is doing today, we would live in a world where the Bitcoin is the one central currency. But for that to happen, there is still a long way to go. For now, the important part is that the Bitcoin is an essential commodity that every individual must possess in some capacity. 

But the real question that arises is how to go about acquiring Bitcoins? Is buying them from exchange services a viable option? Perhaps it is. Furthermore, with the crazy popularity being experienced by the cryptocurrency mining industry right now, you can always buy a cryptocurrency miner of your own and mine for Bitcoins yourself. Now although that may prove to be a tedious and energy consuming task, it does have the potential to deliver significant returns if done in the right manner. But perhaps the best and safest way to acquire Bitcoins is something we and the world at large haven’t fully considered up until now. We are talking about Bitcoin games.

Online Bitcoin Earning Games

There is, however, one big problem that sometimes largely goes unnoticed. There are simply so many websites and so many different kinds of games out there that you might just get confused on which is the very best one for yourself. The fact is out of all the games available online, there is only a handful of them who actually offer significant gains for your efforts. The rest are simply excuses to rob you of your time and energy. In order to save yourself from such fake attempts and only encounter genuine services which actually serve to let you experience the best of Bitcoin gaming, you must rely on a good enough guide that is sure to list out the best of the services around. And that is exactly what we in this article aim to do. We will now list out the best of Bitcoin gaming services on the Internet, and then let you decide for yourself that which you would want to go for. Please note that all of the games listed below have been tested by us and have proven to be well performing on all aspects of a successful Bitcoin earning game. These games are fun and at the same time offer good returns. Let us dive in then.

Best Bitcoin Games 2018

1. Book of Dead

When you are talking about Bitcoin games or casino gambling, the conversation is never complete unless you mention slot machines or slot games. And that is exactly what Book of Dead is. Although the name is slightly jarring, you can be sure that the game itself is plenty of fun to play and offers slots based gameplay which is easy enough for anyone to understand. The objective of the game is to find the hidden treasures and gems of the Pharaohs and for that you need to utilize the slot machine. The game is actually a sequel and the first one was called the Book of Ra.


2. Pink Elephants

Another great slot machine title, Pink Elephants is pretty great as far as gameplay is concerned but the most intriguing aspect of the game has to be the cute graphics and the amazing quality of the animations. There are some really great characters which are fun and quirky at the same time and the slot machine consists of a total of six reels for this game. This immersive game boasts of a total of 4096 ways to win and naturally your chances of winning and taking home your share of the prized Bitcoins is quite high.


3. Playboy Classic

Let’s be real, almost all of us are fans of Playboy and have, at some point or the other been intrigued by it. Well, fortunately, now you get to turn your interest in actual Bitcoins as here we are with a game straight from Playboy itself. Developed exclusively by Microgaming studios, this slot-machine game features all that there is to Playboy and everything that you would normally associate with the giant brand. There are Rolex watches, fast cars, and amazingly beautiful women. What else could you even ask for?


4. 300 Shields

Based on the backdrop of the Peloponnesian War, this fantastic game comes as a breath of fresh air and promises to give away some pretty decent returns in the form of Bitcoins for your efforts. This slots game is quite obviously based on a war theme and requires you to always keep your shield at the ready in order to stop the incoming horde of arrows. And if you manage to survive till the end without taking any damage, you get to claim your prize of a few Bitcoins.


5. Space Wars

While the last one was a battle based on the battlefield, this one takes place in outer-space. Space Wars is a game set in a futuristic setting where you need to battle your enemies in the vast nothingness of space and make sure that your side emerges out as victorious. But don’t worry at all, for these aliens are really fun and cute to look at. This innovative video slots game with a unique concept is sort of an amalgamation between a cartoon and a Star Wars-like movie.


6. Nord’s War

If you have even the most remote bit of interest in Norse mythology, you will have a lot of fun playing this game. Norse mythology is the very same from where you get heroes and gods like Thor and Odin, and this game cashes in on their popularity by basing the entire gameplay on the entire Norse arena which is full of interesting characters and great concepts. This is one slots game you wouldn’t want to miss, especially if you are a fan of role-playing games which tend to have a dark and fantasy infused nature.


7. Blackjack

Blackjack needs no introduction. It is already one of the most popular card games in the world and we are pretty sure that you know how to play it as well as you need to. But what if we were to tell you that you could now use your Blackjack skills to actually earn Bitcoins for yourself. Obviously, that would be really cool. Fortunately, now this far-fetched concept has become a reality with the introduction of the Blackjack Bitcoin earning online game.


8. Da Hong Bao

Although the name might seem complicated, the game itself we assure you is not. It is a really simple game and offers up some pretty exciting features and gains, making it a solid contender for one of the best Bitcoin games on the Internet. Chinese in origin, this Asian themed slots game promises to return a good amount of Bitcoins if you happen to succeed. If you think we are not being honest, how about the fact that the game actually allows you to earn up to a whopping 810 times your original bet? Those are some pretty solid returns that frankly no one would want to miss out on, so why should you? Go start playing now.


9. Professional Oasis Poker Series

Just like Blackjack, Poker needs no introduction too. It is arguably the most popular card game in the world right now. Popularized further by online gaming and mobile gameplay, this supremely successful game is at the height of its popularity right now. Created by the developers NetEnt, the Professional Oasis Poker Series is a great method to cash in on your poker skills and earn some quick bucks in the process. There is a catch though; for every card you change, there is an associated payment, so you must always be careful of that while playing the game.


10. Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters

There must be very few people in this world who haven’t heard the legend of the famous fictional witch hunters Hansel and Gretel. The folklore has been immensely popularized by television, movies and other forms of media and is one of the most widespread and common bedtime stories around the world. Now, we have a Bitcoin earning game based on the same legend. Developed by iSoft Bet, this one is certainly not for the faint of heart since they have managed to capture the essence of the original story in the game and incorporated all the spooky and weird elements into it to create one fine slot machine game. If dark graphics and a haunting soundtrack are your things, then please do check out this amazing title and also earn some Bitcoins in the process.


11. Virtual Soccer

One of the biggest crazes in the world since the beginning of civilization has been sports. And one of the biggest sports in the world right now is definitely soccer. Arguably the most famous and widely played sport all around the world, there is no limit to the amount of potential a soccer-based game carries since they have always been extremely popular in kids and even grown men and women. Now you get another soccer based game, however, this one is slightly different as you also get to earn in the process. That’s right, this game combines two of the biggest crazes in the world right now, soccer and Bitcoins, to create a game that runs on soccer and lets you earn Bitcoins. You get to place bets and wagers on all of your favorite teams and matches from all around the world, and also get to bet on almost every major league that is conducted in the world of soccer.


12. Darts 180

Are you a fan of darts? Regardless, all of us have played darts at some time or the other at some point in our lives. Now, what if we were to tell you that you could now cash in on your skills in the game by participating in Darts 180? All you need to do is pick your stakes and launch your darts in this amazingly fun and addictive online pub based game which lets you earn actual Bitcoins for free.



These Bitcoin games are specially designed to help users earn Bitcoins just by playing some fun games on the internet. Please note that we are not saying that these games are in any way capable enough of becoming your only source of earning Bitcoins. However, they are capable enough to set you up good for when you want to actually start investing in the currency and take up Bitcoins with a lot more seriousness. The way these games work is pretty simple. You play as the protagonist in a creatively designed game, and work your way around till you complete the game’s objectives. Based on how well you perform, you will then be awarded with a few BTC for your efforts. While being completely free to play and fun at the same time, these games can certainly prove to be not just a fun activity for you or your friends, but also a source of some steady cryptocurrency income, however insignificant that may be.

Now when we say Bitcoin games, please do not take it the wrong way and start thinking of over the top expansive and immersive games such as the ones where you need to devote a lot of time and energy. This is because these Bitcoin games have been inherently designed to be simple enough for anyone to understand and easy enough for most of the people to master. Simplicity, ease of play, attractive graphics and simple instructions are some of the cornerstones of an effective Bitcoin earning game on the Internet.