Best Bitcoin Gambling Sites 2018

You can’t really go wrong with Bitcoin these days. This latest form of currency has been doing the rounds everywhere, and it has now come to the point that they let you buy almost anything with it. The Bitcoin is one cryptocurrency that has achieved such levels of fame as previously thought untouchable. In fact, we now have a great range of best Bitcoin gambling sites as well. However, that is not to say that the other cryptocurrencies are left far behind. While the Bitcoin is hugely successful, other cryptos like Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash and many more have also been on groundbreaking journeys of their own. They have managed to capture the people’s imagination and have effectively entered the payments industry in a massive way.

But since the Bitcoin was the first, let’s talk about that. Now associated with a whole lot of other industries, it is no surprise that this currency is currently being wanted by every other marketer or retailer. After all, with its widespread popularity, you can be sure that almost every other customer would be willing to pay for services using this currency. This is precisely the reason why you can see so many different marketers today completely willing to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment for their services

Bitcoin Gambling Websites: The Categories

Now before we go into the details and start listing out the various services that you are going to choose from, there is another major detail for you to know. Bitcoin gambling websites are highly characterized by the kind of anonymity or policy on registration that they provide to their customers. On the surface of it, there are three distinct categories of services that you can choose from.

The first happens to be those websites or service which will allow you to start playing or gambling on their platform without going through any kind of a registration process. What this effectively means is that you are free to play on the platform without giving away any of your details. Please note that when we say that they do not require registration, we don’t mean that you absolutely cannot register on their platform. It is completely up to the discretion of the user and if you wish to, you can always create an account and play through it.

The other category of websites that you will face are the ones that do require a registration process that has to be carried out by the user, and yet they don’t quite ask for any personal information and the user still stays anonymous. No private details are asked for or revealed. The most you will need is an email address for a good number of such websites, and as soon as you will provide that, you will be able to start playing and earning on the platform.

Now the final category of gambling websites that we are going to discuss is that of fiat casinos. Such gambling websites have only recently started accepting Bitcoin in their services and although they would love to accept your Bitcoins, they do require you to formally register on the platform before continuing further or start playing. The details they ask for are a little personal in nature such as your country of residence, name, and surname and your date of birth. Once you have provided all of these details and clicked on the register button, you are good to go. You must know that this registration process is not at all complicated and hardly takes up more than a few minutes of your time.

Now that we are familiar with all that was essential with regards to gambling websites, it is time to finally start listing out the different services and platforms.

Top 8 Best Bitcoin Gambling Sites 2018

No Registration Bitcoin Gambling Websites

As mentioned earlier, these websites require you to simply deposit your Bitcoins without even worrying about any sort of a registration process, or giving out any personal information. The website asks for nothing except your coins before it lets you start playing. The only thing they need is your actual address so that if you happen to win any coins, they can be conveniently sent over to you. This address is attached to an anonymous profile on the website that functions as your account.

1. Lucky Games

It is casino website that uses and allows for not just one but multiple types of cryptocurrencies. While the Bitcoin is obviously among them, there is also a total of thirty other cryptocurrencies that you can use. Also, the casino is pretty diverse in its services since it features a total of four different games for the users to play and enjoy. Additionally, there is a pretty low 1% house edge, while the game uses the provably-fair technology to ensure no cheating is allowed. There is also a faucet for those players who want to try out the games or give them a sort of a test run before actually paying for them. Finally, there is the provision of live chat, which can either be used to resolve issues quickly or even easily understand the rules and basics of the game you are interested in.

2. Crypto Games

This is another casino themed website which works on the provably fair technology to ensure a fair and just gaming environment is being maintained. The expected return is a whopping 98,028% while the games available on the website include lottery, slots, blackjack, dice, and roulette. On this gambling website, the power lies with you to either bet using Bitcoins or whether to use other cryptocurrencies or Altcoins.

3. Bitcoin Games

Bitcoin Games is a casino website that draws heavily from the niche created by Bitcoins, and touts itself as a Bitcoin-only casino website. The expected return is as high as 99.5% and the game runs on the provably fair technology. The Bitcoin Video Casino they have managed to implement some really fun and cool Bitcoin games for all to enjoy. Also, the website draws heavy inspiration from the classic and hugely popular Video Poker games you would usually find in Las Vegas, USA.

4. Stake

Another one of the best Bitcoin gambling sites, but with the added promise of being extremely fair to their customers and maintaining proper transparency in all of their services, Stake is great if you are looking to indulge in some light Bitcoin casino fun. Created solely for the purpose of eradicating shady practices and regulations when it comes to online casino services, and to revolutionize the entire domain and bring it back to the forefront, Stake was actually created by a dedicated group of specialists from the industry who grew tired of the tyranny of unfair means in Bitcoin casinos.

5. PrimeDice, SafeDice & Rollin

As you can probably guess by the name, all three of these great looking websites are based on dice casino games and are powered by Bitcoins. They manage to dole out 99% returns to the player and also run on the provably fair technology to ensure fair management of wagers and winnings. While all three of them feature the great auto bet functionality, none of them actually require the customer to register on the platform. This is a feature you seldom find in casino websites and is much appreciated. All you need to provide is a username in order to start playing and earning.

Anonymous Registration Bitcoin Gambling Websites

Now while the second category of gambling website that you encounter would want you to register before you start playing, these registrations are completely anonymous in nature. They never ask for any personal details except your email ID. And once you have provided that, an account will be created, exclusively for yourself.

6. was founded back in 2015. It is highly trusted by its customers and offers a full-fledged casino experience. There are slots and even table games for you to try your hand at, and if that is not enough, they even feature live dealer games in case you would prefer a more hands-on live approach to gambling. The platform is instant-play in nature, that is, no kinds of downloads are required and all you need to go to the web address through your browser to start playing. As far as offers are concerned, they are currently running a pretty attractive promotional campaign as per which whenever a customer makes their first deposit, they stand to claim a special Bitcoin bonus along with a total of 200 absolutely free spins.

7. Mars Casino

Mars Casino, as the name suggests, is actually a thematic Bitcoin gambling website, with the theme being outer space. Explore all you want and have an experience that will leave you feeling fulfilled with their marvelous designs and innovative site structure. The user interface is fantastic and so is the great range of casino games they have available. They let you have the flexibility to bet with either Bitcoins or even fiat currency and the best part is the versatility of the project since they are even available as a mobile version for Android and iOS devices. The customer support is extremely helpful and is available 24×7 while the signup bonus happens to be three free BTC along with 50 free spins.

8. Bitcoin Penguin

Bitcoin Penguin was created back in 2014 and has since then been able to create a separate niche for itself in the world of online gambling and Bitcoins. You get to experience playing slots and other different casino games. The platform is pretty diverse in the sense that it lets you play with not just Bitcoins but also Dogecoins or Litecoins. The registrations are kept completely anonymous; no user details are asked for anywhere on the website and the measures for transparency and security and quite stringent. All kinds of players, including those residing in the United States of America, are welcome to play and experience the platform’s services without any restrictions. As for the special features and offers they exhibit, you get a 100% bonus on your first deposit and a fantastic 150% bonus on your second.

9. Bitstarz

Bitstarz is one of the longest standing Bitcoin gambling platforms of today. Their tendency to keep reinventing themselves and always staying one with the customer’s expectations are majorly responsible for this long but successful stint by the service. They offer services with Bitcoins as well as fiat currencies, and the games are sponsored by extremely well placed and popular providers. As per the games, you will find here, there are more than 130 HD casino variations of gambling games for you to play along with 3D slots games as well. Additionally, as is with all the other websites in this part of the list, registrations are anonymous and only a username and a password are to be provided to get full access to your personal account. You also get instant deposits and withdrawals along with bonus package of five Bitcoins and 180 spins absolutely free.

10. Cloud Bet

If you are looking for high payments and good money, then Cloud Bet is one fine option for you when it comes to Bitcoin gambling. This platform boasts of immense returns on each investment with high odds if you are lucky enough to actually win. There are slot machines and table games as well for your consideration. Since it touts itself to be a Bitcoin bookmaker, this websites actually caters brilliantly to all kinds of players. It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced Bitcoin gambler or are just beginning to get into the trade, the website has something for all. It all depends on high you set your stakes, you can either play for small amounts or even go for bigger sums if you are confident enough.

Non-Anonymous Bitcoin Gambling Websites

These websites function differently than the ones mentioned above. While they do offer similar services and let the user enjoy the same kind of gambling activities and also make payments in the form of Bitcoins, the differences lie in how they choose to accept a user on their website. While the ones mentioned above were content with no registration or even partial registration, these websites actually require the user to completely register themselves on the platform by giving away personal information such as physical address and contact details. Once you have done that, you are good to go on all of their services and can start submitting Bitcoins to begin playing. Also, note that the registration process in itself is pretty simple and won’t take more than two minutes of your time.

11. Café Casino

Are you not able to find the correct value for your Bitcoins? Fret not, for Café Casino is just what you need. This high paying Bitcoin gambling website functions brilliantly and is accessible all over the USA. Some of the most notable features of this service are a collection of around two hundred and fifty games, along with one of the fastest withdrawals and deposits you have ever seen. They also have a customer service that is easily available all day and night and the website they have managed to implement is extremely user-friendly with special emphasis on the accessibility and understandability of new users. The website is responsive as well meaning that you could easily run it on your mobile phones as well. Also, to top things off, there is a massive welcome bonus that they are offering, that is, on every first Bitcoin deposit, you stand to gain up to $5000 by virtue of a 500% welcome bonus, and don’t forget the perks they offer too.

12. Ignition Casino

Variety is what drives a good Bitcoin casino website. And if it is a variety that you seek, then there is possibly no better option than Ignition Casino. This Bitcoin gambling website works wonders with its dynamic range of casino themes games and poker rooms. Their poker rooms are fully loaded with all kinds of superior functionalities and their services are available all over the United States of America. They have more than 200 different iterations of casino games so that you never feel bored or repetitive in your gambling ventures. Additionally, the software has been designed exclusively by industry experts and is completely state-of-the-art, while the website boasts of easy navigation and a fluid structure. Novice players will find no difficulties in navigating through the website and finding their way around while experienced players will love the arsenal of new features and innovative ideas they have implemented. Also, they feature instant withdrawals and a customer service that can’t possibly be complained about. The support offered works 24/7 while the website itself has been designed to be responsive to mobile phones and desktops alike. Match bonuses have been set as high as 100%, which comes out to be as much as $1000 for Bitcoin deposits. Finally, there are also periodic promotional campaigns with benefits of their own along with a great Rewards program.

Bitcoins & Gambling

But of all the services that have started accepting the Bitcoin as a form of payment, gambling services seem to be at the very forefront. Whether you are an advanced player or are just about to get started, online gambling or casino websites have something in store for everyone. And now, they have seriously upgraded their game by accepting Bitcoin payments from customers. Now, you get to play all you want and also pay without a hassle in the world.

The problem, however, that readily presents itself in such a scenario is that there are simply too many gambling websites available on the internet today. From one end of the spectrum to another, you will find so many options to choose from, that it is quite natural that you find yourselves getting lost. There are in fact a number of factors to consider before you decide upon a gambling website for yourself. And we, in this article aim to help you with the same. We have listed a number of gambling websites, all of them worthy of your consideration, and expect you to make the final decision based on your gut instinct. Please note that all of the services we are mentioned are Bitcoin-based gambling websites, and will readily accept Bitcoins in exchange for their services.

Let us look into what makes a great gambling website. The first thing you need to make sure is that the website happens to be self-explanatory. If it is too overly complicated, chances are that you won’t find it as engaging as you should, and will be left confused at most points. The website structure needs to be clear and navigation from one page to another must be fluid to ensure a great customer experience.

Furthermore, no service is complete without a good customer service team. Unless the website boasts of a customer support that is top notch and will always be ready to solve all your problems, it can’t really be a good website. Make sure the service offers fast withdrawals and deposits, and the transaction speed is at least up to the market standards. If the service you are looking at satisfies at least the above credentials, then and only then can you be sure that it is a service worth investing your time and money.


These days, it doesn’t matter what the service is, if you have got Bitcoins, you can pay for it. And of all the people who are benefitting from this revolution, the customer remains the happiest. This is because they can now pay for services with just a single click, and there is absolutely no hassle associated with payments and finances anymore. Also, to further strengthen the Bitcoin’s argument, there is the fact that transactions carried out with Bitcoin have the unique feature of being anonymous, which basically means that no matter how many different transactions you make, your identity or personal details will never be compromised.