12 Best Ways to Buy Bitcoin with Bank Account/Transfer

1. Coinbase 2. BitPanda 3. GDAX
coinbase bitpanda gdax

We’re glad you’re here. Buying Bitcoin with a bank account is by far the cheapest option in terms of fees, and therefore, the best option if you want to maximize your profits. Another good aspect of using your bank account to buy Bitcoin is that you are able to pick and choose which exchange you want to go with more freely – since most exchanges offer bank transfer as a payment method.

Another advantage of using your bank account is that the limits are way higher than for example credit card or PayPal.

However, with a large selection of exchanges comes a more difficult time making the decision than for example having 2-3 exchanges to pick between. Do not worry, in this tutorial we will present the results we have gathered in our research of finding the best way to buy bitcoin with a bank account.

Let’s jump straight to what you should consider when picking an exchange!

What to consider when picking an exchange


First and foremost we got the fees. The fees vary between the different exchanges and as you are probably investing into Bitcoin to make some money, cutting the fees can save you lots of it (depending on how much you are interested in buying).

Ease of use

Using a Bitcoin exchange should be easy, even for a beginner. While most exchanges have cutting-edge user experience and are straight-forward to use, there are some that feel like they belong to the 90’s. We think that low fees and high limits can weigh up to a non-user friendly platform since eventually, you will get used to the platform. We will discuss each exchange’s user interface so that you get a clear picture of how easy it is to use.


Support is also a big one in our opinion. When using a service, or trying to verify yourself, there will always be errors or problems, no matter which exchange you pick. The important part here is how well they help you get through the problem and how quickly they respond. We have taken a look at what others say about them on forums and how they feel like each exchange tackles problems/errors so that you will feel like the exchange you pick has your back in case of a problem.


This is an optional factor to consider, but for some the limits on the exchange are important. While most exchanges that accept bank transfer tend to have high limits when buying Bitcoin with a bank transfer, it is important that you note the limits (this is usually for those looking to spend more than $10,000/weekly).

Now that we have looked at the most important factors to factor in when picking the best exchange, it is time to go through the best exchanges that accept bank transfer. Let’s jump right into it!

Top 12 Best Ways to Buy Bitcoin with Bank transfer 2021

1. Coinbase

coinbaseAt the first place is the market leader Coinbase. With 13 million users, far more than the biggest stock brokerage, it is a powerhouse. Why do the masses love Coinbase one might wonder, well, it’s a beginner-friendly platform that allows anyone to get started with Bitcoin and thus, have won a lot of market share since they are easy to get started with.

With Coinbase, if you are a U.S. resident you can make a bank transfer, with a connected bank account, using ACH transfer. If you are in Europe you can use SEPA to transfer money to them, once you have transferred the money, you simply exchange the EUR/USD for Bitcoin directly on the platform at the current market price. An ACH transfer it will take up to 5 days for the funds to be available in your account, while with SEPA it will, approximately, take 2 days.

Coinbase offers a flat rate of 1.49% for all transactions on their platform, which is considered really low. Residents of United States can also connect their debit/credit card to Coinbase for faster (but more expensive) deposits.

The platform is extremely easy to use and can literally be used by anyone (yes, even you grandma!). The limits on the platform are calculated separately, which means that it differs between those using their credit card or have a connected bank account (via ACH/SEPA). Coinbase doesn’t want to talk about the limits publically – but we have all had $10,000/week limits on our, aged and verified, accounts, with a starting limit of $1,000/week.

During peaks in the interest of Bitcoin the customer support can be rather slow, this is understandable since Coinbase sometimes get 100,000 new users per day. Slow support is something to be expected for most exchanges out there. The customer support seriously sucks at some exchanges, and while the Coinbase support can take a few days to answer, it is by far one of the friendliest and most helpful support team we have talked to.

We highly recommend Coinbase to anyone who is just getting started with buying/selling/using Bitcoin since it is really easy to get going with. They also act as a Bitcoin wallet, so you don’t need to move your Bitcoins around to trade or store them, it all can be done on one platform!


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2. BitPanda

bitpandaNext in line is BitPanda. BitPanda is a great exchange that offers a wide variety of payment methods such as Skrill, NETELLER and, of course, bank transfer. BitPanda is, for now, only available in Europe, so for U.S. residents, scroll down to see the next option. BitPanda offers bank transfer via SOFORT, SEPA and Online Bank Transfer.

The platform is easy to use and got a modern look (if that matters to you). A processing time of only up to 3 days combined with the high limits and low fees make BitPanda a great option for our European readers. The fees are not publically shown but rather included in the price when buying Bitcoin, which makes it hard to calculate exactly what percentage the fees are at.

The support is great and really helpful. They even got their own support thread at BitcoinTalk.org, where they answer your question that is not considered confidential information (personal information, data, bank details).You can use the thread to find out an answer to your questions that are not considered personal. You can also send them an email if you want to have the conversation in private.

On BitPanda you can buy more than just Bitcoin, and exchange Bitcoin for other cryptocurrencies such a Litecoin, Dash, and Ethereum. BitPanda would probably put up a harder fight against Coinbase as the no.1 spot if they allowed U.S. residents to use their exchange. But for European customers, BitPanda is a fast and cheap choice.



gdaxGDAX, also known as Global Digital Asset Exchange, is a sister site to Coinbase. It’s their digital asset exchange where you can trade Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin for USD/EUR, or vice versa. US customers can use bank transfer to transfer funds to the account with an ACH transfer, while European customers can do so via SEPA.

Using GDAX it is actually possible to buy Bitcoins at a 0% fee, with an ACH transfer it is free to deposit and withdraw cryptocurrencies. For SEPA it is a mere €0.15 fee to deposit and withdraw your cryptocurrencies. This makes GDAX the cheapest option available for bank transfer. So, why is it placed third?

Their user interface is hard to understand at first, which makes the incentive of a low fee less exciting. We do not understand why Coinbase would make their sister platform this hard, but our guess is that GDAX is more supposed to be used for more experienced users. The support is like the others above really good and friendly, so do not hesitate if you get stuck in the process of buying Bitcoin or verifying your identity.

We think that GDAX is a great choice for more experienced users/traders. But, of course, a beginner will adapt to it when they have used it for a while, so even beginners can give it a shot in our opinion. There is no exchange that can offer a lower fee than GDAX, which makes it a really interesting option.


4. Gemini

gemini logoGemini is a great option for US customers who can make a bank transfer with ACH. This, as with all other exchanges, takes up to 5 days to complete but that’s to be expected and nothing the exchange can do about. They also offer some of the lowest fees in Canada and USA which makes them a great choice overall.

Their platform is not as easy to use as Coinbase or BitPanda, but as with GDAX, you get used to it. The other con of this exchange is that they are not yet available in all US states, unfortunately.

Other than these two cons it’s a great exchange and a cheap option (not as cheap as GDAX, though) for those interested in buying Bitcoin with a bank account.


5. Bittylicious

bittylicious logoBittylicious got somewhat of a goofy name but it is a great option for UK customers since they offer a 15-minute processing time for online bank transfers. It’s for sure the fastest way to buy Bitcoin in the UK. They also guarantee a refund in case of delay in delivery.

SEPA transfer is not available with Bittylicious, and their platform looks kinda cheap. They are however a legitimate exchange that is trustworthy.


6. Coinfloor

Coinfloor-LogoWith Coinfloor EU residents can fund their Coinfloor accounts using SEPA, while UK customers got two options; SEPA and online bank transfer. Coinfloor has a deposit minimum of 1000 currency units (1,000 EUR or 1,000 pounds), this excludes the average Joe who wants to invest a smaller amount of money, but at the same time gives those investing a bit more money more focus and can offer faster support due to not as many users.

Coinfloor only allows for GBP bank transfers, so you will need to exchange your fiat for GBP if that is not your original currency.

If you are interested in investing at least 1,000 EUR or Pounds Coinfloor is perfect for you. They also offer a Bitcoin storing service; Coinfloor Vaults, which is a Bitcoin wallet that keeps your funds safe but at the same time easily accessible when you want to use/trade it.


7. Coinfinity

coinfinityCoinfinity only offers bank transfers using SOFORT for residents of Austria. It’s a trusted and established exchange that offers high limits and fast deposits. But if you are not from Austria, we would recommend you to look elsewhere.


8. Paymium

paymium logoBased in France, Paymium offers bank transfers for those living in France. They have a great mobile app that you can use to trade and sell your Bitcoins on the go or if you are traveling. If you are planning to invest more than €2,500 you need to provide an ID, which is common practice among all the exchanges due to “Know Your Client” (KYC) that requires exchanges to know the identity of each user.

If you are located in France (bonjour!) then this option is great since you can use their app to quickly trade your Bitcoins.


9. Bity

bity logoBity makes it possible for all Europeans to purchase Bitcoins with SEPA transfers. With a limit of €100,000 annually after comprehensive verification, but if you just want a lower limit at €4,000 you can verify with your phone.


10. Safello

safello logoSafello is available in 32 countries and offers a wide variety of payment methods; including bank transfer. Support staff is available during weekdays from 8 AM to 1oPM which is a big plus. If you are Swedish and have Swish Payments, you can deposit money all days of the week but otherwise, the money won’t be deposited during the weekend.

Safello includes the fees in the buying price which makes the fee hard to calculate properly.

Safello is a great option overall with great support and a user-friendly platform. We totally recommend it!


11. CoinCorner

coincorner logoCoinCorner offers a wide variety of payment methods such as Skrill, NETELLER and bank transfer (to name a few). CoinCorner’s mission has from the start been to make buying Bitcoin easy which is something they have accomplished. With CoinCorner you get access to your own mobile wallet (available on Apple, Windows and Android phones).

CoinCorner offers instant deposits with credit/debit card, however, that will require you to pay a 5% fee using a credit card which is considered high. They have a 1% trading fee as well which is considered high for European standards.

We recommend CoinCorner for those living in Europe and UK to buy Bitcoin with SEPA and GBP bank transfers.


12. Cubits

cubits logoCubits allow SWIFT transfers and local bank transfers such as SOFORT and Online Bank Transfer. With a trading fee of 0.9%, a variety of payment methods, support for 20 fiat currencies and an easy buying process this is a great option for a beginner that wants a straight-forward exchange to buy and trade cryptocurrencies with.

They, like CoinCorner, offer an included wallet. This is good for small amounts of Bitcoins but if you have a large sum of Bitcoins we highly recommend you get a hardware wallet.

Cubits is a great option for Europeans that want to buy Bitcoin easily with an easy-to-use platform.


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