Best Bitcoin Lending Sites 2018

With all the popularity and accolades that the Bitcoin is receiving from all over the world right now, you may be feeling a bit left out if you have not yet bought any Bitcoins or invested in any form of cryptocurrency. The thing is that no one could have anticipated the unprecedented popularity that the Bitcoin has managed to gain in such a short span of time. From starting out with pretty humble beginnings to becoming one of the most popular currencies in the world, the Bitcoin has certainly come a long way, even going so far as to opening a whole new avenue of best Bitcoin lending sites. Along the way, it also managed to knock down some really big milestones and even propel forward some other industries which may have never made it big if left by themselves. If you think we are kidding, take the cryptocurrency industry as an example. Had the Bitcoin not been a cryptocurrency itself, who would have thought that cryptocurrencies would have wielded so much power in the world? Right now, it doesn’t matter what you are shopping for or what the kind of services you are looking for, you can get it all in exchange for cryptocurrencies.

Introducing: Bitcoin Lending Platforms

But what if you are not ready to invest in Bitcoins right now? What if you feel that the Bitcoins as an industry are still volatile and therefore you feel apprehensive on actually putting your money in the currency? Or maybe you are just not in a financially stable enough position to actually dish out extra money to buy Bitcoins? The reasons could be numerous. But the end result remains the same. And that is that you are unable to acquire Bitcoins for yourself. If you are stuck in a similar situation, then fret not, for in this article we aim to bring a viable solution to your problems. We introduce you to Bitcoin lending platforms. These platforms are basically loan services, except they deal in terms of Bitcoins. You simply log on to the website, create an account for yourself and once you are done with all the formalities you are all set. You are now ready to borrow Bitcoins for yourselves under the website’s given terms and conditions.

The entire process is highly streamlined and completely transparent. If you are feeling apprehensive and feel that you might get trapped in a vicious circle of repayment of gigantic loans which will never end, then rest assured, for a scenario like that is not at all likely to happen. All of the following websites have been designed and conceptualized while keeping in mind customer convenience and as long as you agree to the website guidelines and stick to the payment plan, you should be completely fine.

However, there is the issue that a lot of these loaning companies or websites are indeed somewhat shady in nature and could potentially put you in a tight spot. As long as you stick to the list w are about to curate here, you should be fine. The fact is that there are so many of such services existing in the market today that it can get difficult for the average consumer to distinguish between the good and the bad. While most of these companies are safe to use and completely legitimate, there could be some who exist solely for the purpose of duping you off your money. These are the ones you need to steer clear from. To save you from stumbling upon any of such shady platforms, we went through all the major services out there and picked the best of the lot. These are the ones which will give you complete assurance on the quality of their services and the safety of your money. Read on.

Top 5 Best Bitcoin Lending Platforms 2018

1. Bitbond

Bitbond allows both investments and loans on Bitcoins. The entire process has been perfected and is now totally effortless and doesn’t take much time either. While the company has been around for a few years now, the amount of success it has managed to gain in that time is simply amazing. The brand has been developed to perfection and the amount of trust the customers place in their service is higher than ever before. Apart from being a borrower, you also get to be a lender on the platform if you have the right resources. That is, in case you have a good collection of Bitcoins at your disposal, or would otherwise like to help those looking for Bitcoins, you can always sign up as a lender on the service and whenever you are matched with a borrower, you get to lend your Bitcoins to the person and even make some decent money in the process. So irrespective of whether you are looking forward to helping people or are interested in making some quick money, you can sign up as a lender on the website. You won’t be disappointed either way. Also, there is absolutely no limit placed on the amount of money you can invest.

The way the entire process works is pretty simple. Anyone with a basic knowledge of Bitcoins can opt for either of the services offered on the platform. First and foremost, as mentioned before, a match is made between the lender and the borrower. Once a perfect match has been found, then a contract is initiated. The contract clearly lists the amount or number of Bitcoins which are being lent to the borrower. The duration of the loan can be as less as six weeks and go up all the way to six years. Also, in order to make sure that there are no frauds happening on the system and there are no dishonest people involved, the website maintains a strict vigilance over all users. The borrowers especially need to go through an identity check by providing basic identification details and even submitting a basic financial assessment. Once they are through with all of that, they are provided with a rating. This rating is the ultimate scale on which borrowers are judged while clearing them for loans. The higher the rating, higher will be your chances of getting cleared for a loan. Those borrowers who haven’t yet been assigned a rating are not allowed to apply for loans. After the formalities are completed, the load request may take up to 14 days to fetch some real results.  After the specified time duration is elapsed, and the loan is cleared, both the borrower and the lender receive a repayment schedule that is clearly displayed as per their convenience in their user account page on the website.


While all kinds of loans can be availed on this popular service, perhaps the most popular form of Bitcoin loan that happens to dominate all other transactions on this platform is the peer-to-peer loan service. An intuitive way of building the trust among customers for the service has been implemented by the website developers. This great mechanism involves live chat among the different members of the website itself. This live chat box is present on the home page of the website itself and allows members to discuss several aspects of the platform itself such the risks associated with lending or borrowing, other specific members on the website or any other topic under the sun. To further ensure that the lender never feels insecure about the Bitcoins he is giving away and that the trust on the website never waivers, some loans on the website are also supported by a collateral, which makes sure that the lender always holds a guarantee against the loss of the principal amount.


3. XCoins

If you have a Paypal account and a credit card, then we recommend you to opt for XCoins as the service specializes in helping their customers acquire Bitcoins through Paypal using their credit cards. While most other such services and platforms have shunned Paypal, XCoins actively embraces the platform and is thus great news for all those who prefer to channel all of their financial dealings through Paypal. The process for obtaining the Bitcoins remains pretty simple and basic. All you need to do is sign up or register on the service, give away your identifications details and verify your identity, and deposit the US dollars equivalent of the Bitcoins you need to borrow. You might even be asked some to submit a nominal processing fee to so be prepared for that as well.

Now the service is as open to lenders as it is to borrowers. If you feel that it would be in your best interest to lend some of your Bitcoins to borrowers in exchange for whatever fee the website has agreed upon, and are looking to make a quick buck, do sign up on this service. The first step for lenders, however, begins with deciding the amount which they are ready to lend. This is an essential part of the process since based on this very information, matches will be made between the borrower and lender. After the amount is agreed upon, a search is conducted and whenever a perfect match between a borrower and a lender is found, the borrower is expected to deposit the money into the lender’s Paypal account. As far as customer support is concerned, although XCoins does provide an option to contact the website administrators or support staff for resolving complaints, it could potentially take several days before a proper and effective response is received. 


4. BitLendingClub

Another peer-to-peer lending platform which specializes in Bitcoins, the BitLendingClub has been in service for a few years now and has managed to build considerable trust for itself over the years. It offers loans to borrowers in the form of Bitcoins, and that too at some pretty competitive rates the likes of which you won’t easily find on other Bitcoin lending platforms. They even boast of a low transaction fee but the most exciting and intriguing aspect of the website happens to be the fact that they feature a Dutch auction that gives a platform for the lenders to compete in. Borrowers can effectively go through a large number of lenders at one place through this auction and effective decisions on which lender to borrow Bitcoins from on the basis of their respective rates. Also, the fee on this website is almost always pretty low and absolutely no lending fee is charged to the right until the point that a loan is being paid off.

Unfortunately, BitLendingClub was closed in 2016.


5. Poloniex

Poloniex is a pretty famous exchange service, one of the best Bitcoin lending sites and happens to be the undisputed leader among a great many cryptocurrency exchange websites or services out there. This diverse platform is famous and hugely successful for a number of reasons. First of all, it offers great liquidity options for a good number of Altcoins, which can then even be exchanged for Bitcoins. Founded way back in 2014, and operating out of San Francisco, California, currently, the Poloniex developers have decided to make the residents of the USA the focus of their campaigns. However, they do have plans to expand their business and extend support to other countries as well in the near future.



The process of acquiring a Bitcoin in itself has become a major industry. There are various ways for you to get a few Bitcoins of your own. You can either buy them from an exchange service which you think is good enough to cite a reasonable exchange rate, or you could buy a cryptocurrency mining rig for yourself. These heavyweight machines are pretty heavy on energy consumption and are also somewhat difficult to manage since they end up making a lot of noise when switched on. As a result, a lot of people consider them a hassle and shy away from actually buying one. If you do manage to get it though, there are chances that you will end up making some good money for yourself since a few models of these miners are highly efficient and productive. Furthermore, there is another lesser used form of acquiring Bitcoins that not many people are aware of. You can always score a few coins by playing Bitcoin earning games on the Internet. These games are carefully and specially designed to be fun and creative and also let you earn Bitcoins in the process.