Best Ethereum Gambling Sites 2018

If you are not living under a rock for the past couple of years, chances are that you are aware of what the Bitcoin is, and what the cryptocurrencies are. With their widespread popularity and the worldwide acceptance that they have received, they have spread everywhere and in almost all countries of the world. What began as an experiment of sorts has now transformed into a phenomenon. But is the Bitcoin the only currency which seems to have benefitted from this entire craze. The answer quite obviously happens to be a big no. Rather, the newfound interest in cryptocurrencies seems to have sparked off a worldwide frenzy of buying and selling all kinds of cryptocurrencies. While Bitcoin is certainly the leading and most recognized player in the race, other cryptocurrencies are certainly not far behind, as is evident by the great range of best Ethereum gambling sites. While Bitcoin can now be used to pay for almost all of the services that we use, other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Dash, Zcoins etc are also rapidly finding their place in the payments industry and have been forcing marketers to look towards them by virtue of their unique features and design. One such cryptocurrency is Ethereum.

Let us talk a bit on gambling with Ethereum, and why it is a great idea. The nature of Ethereum makes it one of the most secure cryptocurrencies in the world. The unit ‘Ether’, associated with Ethereum is typically very difficult to scam since it is built upon a number of smart contracts, making it highly secure and confidential. These smart contracts must first be verified by the users themselves, and thus it is not a big deal to make sure that your money is not transferred or moved without your knowledge or consent since the creation of the application with the Ether become decentralized. Such features and more make Ether an ideal choice for gambling applications and websites. Perhaps that is precisely the reason why we already have a good number of websites already existing in the market today which offer gambling services to their users, but with the added advantage of Ethereum payments and deposits.

Gambling with Ethereum

All of this information might have left you feeling lucky since you now have a secure platform to gamble and a secure currency to do it with. However, don’t get too excited just yet, for there is also a problem that is yet to be talked about. There are simply so many websites in the market today, that it has become increasingly difficult for the average user to figure out the good from the bad, and as a result of people often end up investing in a website that isn’t capable enough to handle your money, or isn’t concerned with your best interests, and end up losing a good portion of their money. Since we don’t want something like that to happen to you, we’re here to help. In this article, we now list a few gambling websites using Ethereum which are definitely the best pick of the lot in terms of quality, safety, and experience. If you happen to choose from either of these, you can be sure that you are putting your money in the right place, and are about to grab some great gambling features and games. These websites are all great in terms of the services they offer, and plus they offer some fantastic customer support if you happen to run into a few problems. Also, all of these websites offer instant withdrawals and deposits, which you won’t ever be waiting in anticipation for a payment or withdrawal request to fall through. But the best which often makes or breaks one of these services is the website structure and navigation. With gambling websites, as with most other services, you want to have a website that is easy to navigate and the services easy to understand, which is why the following websites have put great emphasis on customer experience with the website structure and flow. Now without wasting any more time, let us look at your options one by one.

Ether Casinos

The very first category we are going to discuss is that of casinos. These casino websites listed below are sure to accept your Ether tokens as payment and have been carefully selected since they happen to be the best in the business both in terms of quality and quantity.

Top 4 Ethereum Casinos 2018

1. Crypto Games

The very first name is that of Crypto Games, an online platform for casino games that specializes in Ether payments. The great thing about this service is that they implement the provably fair technology in all of their games. What this means is that any chances of any sort of malpractice happening are completely eliminated and the games are played with utmost fairness and with a just attitude.

2. LuckyGames

This casino website specializes in cryptocurrency payments and actually accepts payments in the form of multiple currencies, including Ether. The great thing about this service is that they have an extremely low value of house edge which means you will definitely be earning more than you lose. Another fantastic point that deserves to be mentioned here is that this platform doesn’t require you to actually register on their website before they let you start playing.

3. mBitCasino

mBitCasino needs no introduction. It is definitely among the topmost casino websites available on the internet today and offers one of the most interesting gameplay and attractive features out of all the different services out there. As an example of the same, as soon as you sign up on the platform, your account will instantly be credited with a 200% bonus on your first deposit extending all the way up to 300mETH.

4. FortuneJack

In order to gain access to games of a unique nature, including ones that you won’t find elsewhere, and to experience progressive jackpot gaming at its finest, you need to sign up on FortuneJack. Among the many other currencies it deals in, Ether is among the very popular ones and is the most frequently used after the Bitcoin.

Ether Sportsbook

The second category of Ether based gambling websites we are going talk about is sportsbooks. Who doesn’t like sports? I’m pretty sure we all do, whether it is in the form of watching the sport or actually playing. Sportsbooks allow you to channel your passion in a way that lets you earn rewards, that is, you get place wagers and bets on all your favorite teams and matches.

Top 3 Best Ethereum Sportbooks 2018

1. Betcoin Sports

The unique feature this platform boasts of is that they allow you to place your bets anonymously. Secondly, the website hosts a combination of sportsbook as well as casino games, both of which are equally rewarding and fun to play. The welcome bonus is about 10ETH and a total of 10 free spins as well.

2. 1xBit

The great thing about 1xBit is that they hold a supreme variety of sports on their platform. While other websites may feature just a handful of different sports for you to place your bets on, 1xBit actually extends support to a lot more games and sports.

3. Esports Bet

This betting service is not just popular and runs smoothly, but is also decentralized in nature. This gives the platform a bit of an edge over other best Ethereum gambling sites in the market. Even more fascinating is the fact that the website is completely open source and the contract is verified.

Ether Dice

Now, we come to another classic variety of gambling games that have been around for quite some time now. These are basically dice games where you need to win by predicting the outcomes of a fair die.

Top 4 Best Ethereum Dice Sites 2018

1. Crypto Games

Crypto has already been featured on this list once when we were discussing Ether Casinos but just simply had to bring it up again due to the simple fact that it is just so good when it comes to dice games. The house edge is merely 0.8% and the great part is that you won’t even need to register on the service in order to start playing.

2. 999Dice

Another great platform for Dice games, 999Dice specifically implements the provably fair technology, which means you can rest assured that your money is in the right hands. Furthermore, the house edge is as low as 1% and there are features like the range selector and auto bet, making it one fine service totally worth your time.

3. VDice

The house edge on Vdice is as low as 1.9%, which is great considering that many other premier gambling websites charge much higher than that. Also, another great feature happens to be the lack of the need for registration. You can simply log on to the website anytime you want and start playing. It’s that simple.

4. Etheroll

All dice games on this great platform are based on provably fair, that is, you are immediately guaranteed that your money won’t be whisked away without your permission and that the games you are playing are played with complete honesty and lack of bias. Additionally, you won’t even have to register on the platform or make any initial deposits as Etheroll doesn’t require any of these steps in order to grant access to the games.

Ether Lottery

Ether lottery is the next category in our list and features some pretty amazing names when it comes to Bitcoin gambling. Although the principle behind the lottery remains the same, the thrill of adding Bitcoins into the mix has certainly infused the genre with new life.

Top 2 Best Ethereum Lottery Sites 2018

1. Ether Lotto

Ether Lotto works on a very simple principle. You use your Ether tokens to buy lottery tickets on their website. Each of these lottery tickets has a special number (or numbers) associated with them. Once the results are announced, if any of your numbers get picked, you stand to gain a share of the prize.

2. Bitcoin Casino US

Being one of the most popular platforms for Bitcoin lottery in the USA, all you need to do to participate is to deposit Ether tokens on the website. Once you have done that, you will be eligible to claim your 100% deposit bonus. This bonus, combined with your initial deposit will then be used to buy lottery tickets and participate in the competition.

Why Ethereum?

Arguably the second most popular cryptocurrency in the world after the Bitcoin, Ethereum was launched back in June in the year 2015. As is the case with almost all other cryptocurrencies, Ethereum is great for when you want to keep your dealings private and cannot bear to share any personal information with your marketer. It is fast and secure, and carries quite a lot of weight in the cryptocurrency domain. For these very reasons, Ethereum is rapidly climbing the popularity charts and is gaining entry into the acceptable payments list of all major corporations, services and marketers. The customers or consumers too have reacted positively to the cryptocurrency and seem to be pretty happy about finding an alternative to Bitcoin that they can actually use profitably.

The best part about the currency is that it allows the user to make payments on the Internet, while also avoiding all kinds of regulations, taxes or interventions from central or state authorities. Similar to the Bitcoin, Ethereum transactions fall outside the domain of such authorities and they have no power to control them directly. But these were only the similarities that the currency shares with other cryptocurrencies such the Bitcoins, but there are, in fact, some stark differences too. And these differences are the reason behind Ethereum gaining a good following of its own in the world since these are what make the currency unique.

First and foremost, the economy of Ethereum is based on a programmable but decentralized platform that makes use of smaller contracts. These contracts are then further used to build some pretty efficient and effective economic organization systems which work well for all kinds of projects, such as gambling websites, applications, even banking solutions and enterprises. All the transactions that are made with this currency are in fact being made in a unit called ‘ETH’ or ‘ether’.

Because of the very nature of the smart contracts that Ethereum uses and is built upon, it has the unique characteristic of having a varied range of uses. Because of this very feature, it could possibly bring about a revolution in the world of cryptocurrencies themselves, and even influence how gambling is done and paid for.